Say hello to Emma C…

Emma Cathie

This is Emma. We know you’ve already met one of our Emmas but, since there are three (confusingly enough for us), we thought we’d introduce you to the others. Emma C looks after many of our amazing sellers, is forcing herself to be green-fingered and can’t go a day without crisps…

Your job title is…

Account Manager

Explain your job

As an account manager I work with a portfolio of our sellers to help them grow their businesses with Day-to-day this means answering sellers’ queries, reviewing product ranges and giving business advice to ensure they make the most of the opportunity the site provides.

Favourite product on the site?
I am making a real effort to work on my garden and have started growing vegetables for the first time this year. I’m planning on buying these oversized letters spelling out ‘grow’ if I can start to make the garden look nice, it might spur me on!

Oversized Vintage Style Rusted Metal Letter by The London Garden Trading Company

Oversized Vintage Style Rusted Metal Letter by The London Garden Trading Company

Favourite seller on the site?
At the moment it’s Men’s Society. They are giving me lots of inspiration for Christmas presents (I know it sounds early but we plan for the winter period over the summer, so it’s pretty much Christmas all year round here). I also have my eye on their Powder Room Shower Curtain.

Powder Room Canvas Shower Curtain by Men's Society

Powder Room Shower Curtain by Men's Society

What/where did you study?
I studied Psychology at Royal Holloway University.

How has your career path lead you to this role?
While at university I worked part-time for a fashion retailer and really loved it, so when I graduated I took a job at Vogue Magazine. We often promoted small businesses’ products and I love discovering new talent, so I then applied for a job in the new business team at, who do exactly that. I recently moved from there to the account management team so that I could work more closely with sellers and help grow their businesses.

Current trends you’re coveting?
Anything with Dachshunds on. I’ve just bought one and named him Louis! These tea lights from Luna Lighting are on my wishlist.

Porcelain Sausage Dog Dachshund Tea Light by Luna Lighting

Porcelain Sausage Dog Tea Light by Luna Lighting

Describe the style of your home
I can’t seem to stick to one style so each room is very different. My living room is modern with slate grey sofas and glass tables; I have an art wall which has a lot of prints and pictures collected along my travels. My bedroom is the complete opposite it’s much more feminine, with a vintage feel. I have this rose garland from the site, which just about sums up the look of the room!

Rose Flower Garland by Anusha

Rose Flower Garland by Anusha

What can’t you live without?
Holidays and delicious food ideally at the same time.

For lunch today you ate…
Prawn salad and some crisps (I can’t go a day without them).

What’s on your iPod at the moment?
I went to see Coldplay at the Emirates on the Mylo Xyloto tour, so that album makes regular appearances on my most-played list.

Best thing about your job?
Seeing our sellers’ businesses grow. Often when they join us they are kitchen table companies and now many of them have warehouses and staff to support them. They are incredibly inspirational.

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