Say hello to Cora…

This is Cora. She is part of our merchandising team and is responsible for selecting products to be featured in our many catalogues. We asked her a few questions about her job, her favourite sellers and her life’s ambition to own a dog called Snookums…

Your job title is…

Catalogue Executive

Explain your job

To help with all stages of the catalogue merchandising process and associated marketing material. I work closely with the merchandising and marketing teams to select product ranges based on sales analysis, performance levels and brand values.

Describe a typical working day

The first thing I do is make coffee, I am utterly useless without caffeine. I check my emails and then get to work on my list for the day. I’m a little obsessive about lists, which must stem from my background as a PA.

Every day is so very varied depending what’s coming up. One day I will spend 90% of my time waist-deep in spreadsheets and the next I’ll be sifting through new sellers and products.

Best thing about your job?

Getting to see all the new products before they are set live on the site. My bank balance doesn’t appreciate it quite so much, so I am trying to teach myself to ‘add to wishlist’ instead of ‘add to basket’.

What/where did you study and how has your career path lead you to this role?

I studied Costume Design at Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating I got a job as Creative Assistant in a design studio in London that worked on everything from shoes to bridges. There was a lot of PA work in the role and I really enjoyed that aspect. I joined as Holly’s [our CEO] PA and fell in love with the company and its products. When the merchandise role came up, I knew I wanted to work closer with the product and learn about merchandising in more depth.

Favourite product on the site?

That’s an almost impossible question. I’m currently rather in love with John Moncrieff’s Memory Balloon Ceiling Lights.

Memory Balloon Ceiling Light by John Moncrieff

Favourite seller on the site?

Seeing new sellers all the time makes this an even trickier question. It’s a tie between Chatty Nora (especially the Marilyn Monroe ‘Imperfection is beauty’ quote print) and Miss Cake, who makes incredible acrylic cake toppers.

‘Imperfection Is Beauty’ Print by Chatty Nora
Flamingo Food Pick by Miss Cake

Current/upcoming trends you’re coveting?

I get obsessed with quite odd things. Last month it was flamingos (see above), but this month I’ve got a bit of a thing for antlers. I’m trying to fathom how to get this amazing stag head into the house without my husband noticing.

Wooden Stag Head by The Contemporary Home

Describe the style of your home

Quite varied. It’s a mixture of vintage and bright, bold, modern pieces. I have two gorgeous old worn leather armchairs that were purchased from Lots Road Auction House and they sit beautifully in the same room as some bright paintings and my Moroccan sequined rug.

Favourite magazine?

The online magazine Matchbook.

For lunch today you ate…

Two homemade burgers, salsa and salad.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

CSI. I could watch that back-to-back for hours.

What would you like to be doing in five years time?

In an ideal world, I’ll have retired to a small sunny island, be wearing bright floaty headscarves and selling paintings to unsuspecting tourists with a dog called Snookums. He’ll be quite scruffy.

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