where has Rufus been?

That is the question we are asking this morning!

Rufus went missing yesterday lunchtime and we were distraught. He returned home in the early hours, and I can’t even begin to explain how pleased we were.

After a five-man seven-hour search combing Wimbledon Common in the dark, we all gave up and planned a dawn start to resume the hunt. But Rufie saved us all the trouble by appearing at the front door at 3am this morning – four miles and some busy roads from where he was last seen.

We were all just a little bit happy to see him, and he did one of his best-ever limp-wristed high-fives in honour of the occasion.

Rufus was very proud, but the perils of his night away don’t really bear thinking about. We know how much you need reason for optimism when a beloved animal takes off so I hope his story will serve that purpose for anyone else who ever finds themselves in our situation. They do have a miraculous way of turning up just as all hope is lost. I especially want to thank Laura, Amelia, and the entire dog-walking community of Wimbledon for their dedicated search, and everyone for their kind concern through the long afternoon and night of searching.

If you happened to see him strolling around Wimbledon yesterday, do let us know – we would love to know his journey and how he found his way home.

Always one to turn a situation to his advantage, my husband Simon said, on seeing Rufie’s reception, how Simon is now looking forward to having a big kiss and a cuddle and a lovely fresh meal put in front of him the next time he rolls home at 3am having gone missing for 13 hours without a word of explanation…

  • Comment by Audrey

    Big phew… what a great happy ending! Perhaps get a GPS for that limp-wristed paw (and maybe one for Simon too, just incase) x

  • GPS…. what a brilliant idea ! Ours is a Greek rescue dog from Naxos,(has some Pointer in there plus Labrador looks) completely used to doing his “own thing”. When we first brought him home to Sheringham, we would get calls from town to say he had been spotted but by the time we got down there he would have got back into our garden at home and pretended it never happened!! Nearly 5 years later he has settled down and can’t be bothered to “escape” but he is known to run off after squirrels (no chance) in the woods and sometimes one has to “wait”. Would’t it be wonderful if the chip in his neck (dog ID) could be tracked by GPS and therefore a Garmin device. I cannot really see Mocha running about with a Garmin watch strapped to his foot!! He already knows where he is!!
    Oh Happy Days

  • What a relief that must have been, a very worrying 13 hours. It did make me laugh though that the reception Rufus received would have been a liitle more frosty if he had been an adult male human!

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