Rufus and Daisie

Our office has always had a family environment, but never more so than now! Marietjie, our Customer Service Manager, received a very special Christmas present; a puppy called Daisie, who now regularly makes an appearance in our office and was instantly adored by everyone. In fact, the amount of attention she gets now means that she would rather stay with us than go to puppy school, as we witnessed when she dug her claws into the carpet and ran off when her trainer arrived. A more recent appearance is Rufus, my beautiful Hungarian Vizsla, who joined my family last month. I got Rufus for Christmas after an excess of emotional blackmail to my husband who you would think – after two children, two cats and three years of – had suffered enough. Luckily Rufus and Daisie now get along, although there was a bit of territorial strutting at first that was soon replaced by the unashamed mutual sniffing that we know and love dogs for. They both have matching stripy collars from to help with the bonding process.

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