Romantic Breakfast

Breakfast in bed is (in our minds at least) one of the best ways to show your SO the love this February. There’s nothing better than having your favourite morning meal brought directly to your bed. Unless of course Benedict Cumberbatch is delivering it.

To earn extra brownie points this year, we’re not just relying on burnt toast and overcooked scrambled eggs (as endearing as they are). With these brilliantly simple ideas you’ll have your other half thinking you’re a regular Nigella.

Kick start Valentine’s Day by adding a personalised message to your other half’s morning coffee. If they take it sweet, use our adorable heart-shaped sugar cubes – guaranteed to elicit an obligatory “N’aw”.

Nothing says “I love you” like a heart-shaped waffle. Carefully use kitchen scissors to cut out a heart, then top with sparklers for a truly spectacular effect.

If you’re feeling really creative, try carving you and your partner’s initials into an apple. Romantic to boot and one of your five a day. We recommend drawing an outline on the apple first to avoid any mishaps.

In our opinion, balloons aren’t used often enough. We’re putting these heart-shaped beauties to work this February to add an extra air of celebration to our morning – it is Valentine’s Day after all. We used helium to keep our balloons up, but we think they’d look just as nice hung from the ceiling using a tack to secure the string.

If you’re feeling especially romantic, try making some special Valentine’s Day raspberry jam. This recipe was lovingly put together by our seller, Bake With Maria and is the perfect addition to any breakfast:

900g raspberries (fresh or frozen)
900g sugar

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the raspberries in a shallow baking tin large enough to spread them out evenly. Put the sugar in another baking tin of the same size. Place both tins into your pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes until the sugar and raspberries are hot. Keep half an eye on the sugar so that it doesn’t start to caramelize. Remove both tins from the oven and pour the hot sugar over the hot raspberries. Stir together with a wooden spoon. Let the mixture cool before transferring to one of our ‘Delicious Jam’ Jars. Be sure to store your jam in the fridge. Serve with lashings of toast, or if you’re feeling really extravagant, scones and clotted cream.

For more Valentine’s Day inspiration, find out how to create your own cosy winter picnic and a retro movie theatre in your own home.

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  • Comment by Nikki Mold

    I’d have a simple breakfast of granary toast and lime marmalade but cut the toast into heart shapes plus a mug of coffee and a glass of Buck’s Fizz.

  • Comment by Tracey

    My mum has all 3 kids and we really need some us time.

    13 years married need to find some romance this would be

  • Comment by Jo Redfern

    I’d just love a bag if mcdonalds hash browns

  • Comment by Debbie Skerten

    All of these ideas are wonderfully romantic x

  • Comment by Kathryn Partt

    I would have waffles with fresh fruit and cream :) and then do an evening one too with hot chocolate and marshmallows and add a romantic movie :)

  • Comment by jane elkington

    I would love smoked salmon, scrambled egg, n hot toast and butter, served by my wonderfull husband of 34 years, naked!!

  • Comment by Michelle Lock

    I wouldn’t mind what I would have as long as my husband is with me that’s all I could
    Ask for and would be a lovely way to celebrate our first valentines as husband and wife :-) x

  • Comment by Katie

    i would make him his favourite boild eggs with love heart shaped toast.

  • Comment by Christine Jomed

    The food wouldnt really matter. We’d have a long lie in with snuggles, jeremy kyle on loop. Lots of love and laughter. If we did eat, what could be more romantic than feedin each other egg n soldiers

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