Stir-Up Sunday

This weekend sees the first of many age-old traditions of the festive season. ‘Stir-Up Sunday’ is a custom that dates back to Victorian times, where a family comes together on the last Sunday before advent to prepare their Christmas pudding. The pudding should be made over a month before Christmas Day so the flavours have plenty of time to develop. The ingredients should be stirred from east to west in honour of the Three Wise Men who visited baby Jesus, and each family member should take their turn to stir it, whilst making a secret wish and chanting the rhyme:

‘Stir Up, we beseech thee, the pudding in the pot;
And when we get home we’ll eat the lot’.

A sixpence was traditionally added to the ingredients and cooked in the pudding. It was supposed to bring wealth to whoever found it on their plate on Christmas day. Other traditional additions to the pudding included; a ring to foretell a marriage, a horsehoe for a luck, a bell to protect from evil, a thimble to determine a spinster and a silver button for a bachelor.

Our seller Vivi, can offer a modern-day solution to keep this tradition going. Their set of six sterling silver pudding charms can be baked in your Christmas pudding and used year after year on Stir-Up Sunday.

If you fancy trying your hand at Stir-Up Sunday, Vivi have provided us with the perfect pud recipe (below) to get you started. However if your culinary skills leave somewhat to be desired, why not let the experts do the hard work? These personalised Christmas puddings by Intervino can be ordered now and saved until Christmas Day.