Congratulations. You’ve already done the hardest thing. You’ve found the one.  You’re ready for a lifetime of loving their quirks and eccentricities – even the annoying ones – and are well aware you’ll have to relinquish your claim over the duvet. Forever.

Proposing to your other half is exciting and terrifying at the same time. We don’t need to remind you of all the things already running through your head. What we can help out with, however, if the all important first step to fiancehood – choosing the ring.


Like a modern prince charming, it’s important that the slipper ring fits. To help you create a fairy tale-perfect proposal we’ve picked a selection of rings perfect for the alternative bride and created a handy ring size guide.

Now it’s time to be stealthy (we wouldn’t usually advise this but as it’s an important mission…) sneak into your partner’s jewellery box and find one of her rings you know she wears regularly, then measure it against a similar style ring and width of band as the one you’d like to purchase.

For greatest accuracy, use a ring sizer such as this one from Huiyi Tan.

Alternatively, wrap a strip of paper around the outer diameter of the ring and make a mark where they meet. Simply unravel and check the measurements against your ruler to reveal their closest ring size.

Don’t worry too much though, it’s often common to make small alternations to size after.

All that’s left to do is use the chart below to convert the measurement to her ring size:

Our handy ring sizing chart


A symbol of your eternal love, choosing the perfect ring can be tricky. We’ve chosen a range of beautiful rings that will be sure to have her saying ‘yes’ before you’ve even had time to pop the question. For something extra special and unique we have an amazing range of rings to suit your soon-to-be other half, from fairtrade gold to coloured stones.

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