PM announces ‘tech city’; Holly is there to represent small businesses

On Thursday 4th November, David Cameron announced his vision to create a UK version of Silicon Valley. This technology hub will stretch from Shoreditch, the vibrant area of London where technical start ups are currently taking root, through to Olympic Park. The 600,000 sq foot accelerator space would go with the grain in nurturing organic growth from the best in technical creative talent with the aim of becoming the most attractive place in the world for new technical start-ups to begin and thrive.

The big names in technology will all contribute. BT will bring forward the roll-out of superfast broadband, giving ‘tech city’ the fastest internet speeds in Europe. Google will create an innovation hub, while Facebook will provide a permanent home for their successful developer ‘garage’ programme. Intel, Barclays and Silicon Valley bank, to name but a few, will also be contributing to this leading technology destination.

Holly was honoured to be invited to sit on one of just two panels, as a tech-leader and representative of small businesses. In a room full of journalists and VIPs, and on behalf of and our small businesses, Holly openly questioned the government on their £200m equity pledge for growing businesses and how they will make the money more accessible to small businesses, as government loans of this nature have failed many businesses in the past. Offline, she was asked directly by one of the participating MPs to come back to him with a detailed account of why she felt these loans had previously not performed. Watch this space for developments!