Pinterest board of the week: Go green!

Pinterest board of the week: Go green!

Whilst we welcome all things eco-friendly, when it comes to styling your wedding day pretty, today’s post is less about your carbon footprint and more about embracing shades of green. (Though we do firmly agree that keeping said carbon footprint as tiny as possible is always for the best.)

Green is fresh, natural and versatile. Soft mint greens and turquoise hues lend themselves beautifully to summer or spring weddings, while deeper shades such as emerald, rich evergreen and ivy add warmth at an autumn or winter nuptial. Other shades such as sage and avocado are more neutral and work well all year round.

Our Go green! Pinterest board looks particularly pretty this week so it seemed rude not to share our pick of the coolest green styling products with you – and show you how you can bring this fresh colour to life at your wedding…

Decorate your day

Afternoon Tea Vintage Wedding Stationery by doodlelove

Baroque Hanging Bird Decorations by The Orchard

Lovebirds Four Tier Wedding Cake by Peggy's Cupcakes

Alice Dress by Little Bevan

Swallowtail Silk Tea Dress by Ele Horsley

Green Scene Gem Cluster Cuff Bracelet by Sarah Hickey Jewellery

As bold as it sounds, incorporating subtle leafy shades into your bridal hair, make-up and accessories styling can look stunning without making a jaw-dropping statement.

Go green! Pinterest bridal make-up inspiration.

This started us thinking: How important is colour to you as you plan your wedding day? Is choosing a colour a starting point to your styling, or something that comes about organically as you begin to develop theme ideas for the day? We’d love to hear what you think (especially if you’re going to go green!).


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