Pinterest board of the week: City Chic


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As we’ve mentioned, the weddings team here at have become completely obsessed with curating beautiful wedding pin boards on Pinterest.

So much so, that we have introduced an exciting new feature: Board of the week. Each week one of the team chooses a theme and then we all fill the board with beautiful images that illustrate it. We will cover everything from vintage to modern, from stripes to block colours, and we hope that this will provide a lots of fresh and inspiring ideas for your big day!

This week we were inspired by the city and have brought together a collection of images that epitomise urban sophistication, have a look at our board to see how we got on!

This look lends itself so well to wedding styling, below are a few ways to incorporate a elegant city feel into your special day.

Diamond Dove Embellished Headdress With Veil by Dee Dee Bridal

Parisian Charm Necklace by Claudette Worters

City Skyline Collar Stiffeners by James & Longbourne


Silver-Plated Handbag Mirror by highland angel


Set Of Six Numerology Napkin Rings by Ella James

Bringing the city you love into your home is easy with chic designs like these.

Items for your home inspired by the city where your heart lies

City Chic Cushion Cover by Betsy Jarvis

London Transport Bookend by Susan Bradley Design

London River Plate by Snowden Flood

City Shower Curtain by PURDIES


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