it’s a pin-up…

Since we moved offices to Richmond in October, we’ve been working hard to make our new space feel like home. It goes without saying that we love anything craft-based, so when we discovered the work of textile artist Debbie Smyth, we had to enlist her to help us put our stamp on the place.

Debbie creates contemporary artworks which employ a variety of skills and techniques to transform unusual materials and objects into playful yet sophisticated pieces. We particularly fell in love with her pin and thread work (see examples above), where she creates a network of lines by stretching strands of thread between accurately measured and plotted pins, giving new life to simple illustrations.

So after adoring her from afar, we asked her to come and create a pin and thread artwork of the logo in our cosy reception area. We were amazed by how quickly and skilfully she tapped the hundreds of tiny pins into the wall, and then began threading the coloured cotton around each one. We are all really pleased with the result and feel privileged to have our own, original artwork in the office.

We’re thrilled to say that Debbie is also applying her talents to other projects, and will soon be selling a range of products through the site. Watch this space!

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