fabulous darling!

Mark (our art director) and Lydia got married last week and we promised you some photos. I think these will do the trick nicely! What amazing shots, courtesy of The Fabulous Photo Emporium.

So photo booths are cool and are becoming more popular at weddings these days but Mark, being the creative that he is, wanted to take it one stage further. The Fabulous Photo Emporium has a set and props, with a photographer and assistant. Interestingly, the less props were used the better the photos, as it meant that the guests had to be more creative with what they had.

It creates a brilliant feature at the wedding that everyone gets involved with, and some quirky, dramatic and memorable photos capturing everyone at their best (you can see Mark and the creative team, Kate, Lydia and Nicola, getting very stuck in!)

I asked Mark about price, and he said that although it was a reasonable chunk of their budget, it wasn’t pricey for what it was, and it was well worth the money. He and Lydia are so glad they booked it. The Photo Emporium photographer, Tyson Benton, was also the main photographer for the wedding, and his assistant looked after the Emporium while he was off photographing the day.

We love it because it totally captures what weddings should be all about – FUN!

For more details about The Fabulous Photo Emporium and Tyson Benton Wedding Photography, click here.

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