our wedding story so far: Katherine & Henri

How did you get engaged?

Henri and I got engaged on holiday in the British Virgin Islands. We took advantage of the many bank holidays in April and May thanks to the Royal Wedding so decided to go sailing for two and a half weeks. I’d never set foot on a sailing boat before but Henri has six years experience so I felt I was in safe hands! Although lots of my friends had their suspicions he’d pop the question whilst we were away I really didn’t think it would happen as we both love travelling so had been on lots of big trips like this before.

So…about half way through the holiday we’d stopped off at an island called Jost Van Dyke and decided to walk to these bubbly pools we’d heard about. On the way back to the boat Henri decided he wanted us to take a different route along the coastal path. The walk was a bit of a disaster as I was moaning the whole way up that my feet hurt and were being impaled by thorns, but he was being uncharacteristically insistent that I look at the view over the Caribbean. When we were standing there the thought suddenly crossed my mind that this moment was rather a romantic one and about a second before he dropped to one knee I suspected a proposal was coming. Even so I was so shocked it took me a good 30 seconds to splutter a “yes”, so poor Henri was left hanging and wondering whether our dream holiday was about to be abruptly cut short. Even though the island was tiny, fortunately there was a beach bar nearby so there we spent the next few hours toasting our engagement with rum cocktails!

Is there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

We don’t really have any theme or style for our wedding, but we’re getting married in London which is fairly unusual amongst our group of friends. We’re lucky enough to be able to get married in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral, so to make the most of the city after the ceremony we’re taking a boat down the Thames to our reception venue, the Westminster Boating Base. Along the way our guests will be able to sip champagne whilst taking in the sights along the route – so fingers crossed for a sunny day!

Is your wedding turning out as you dreamt it would?

I’ve absolutely loved planning our wedding and have had so much fun with it. Before we got engaged I didn’t have a clear picture in my head of how my dream wedding day would be, so each step has been a learning curve and ideas for the wedding have popped up as we’ve been planning. After everything has been decided I certainly hope the day will turn out as we hope it will, and our family and friends have been tremendously supportive so we’re very grateful for all the advice they’ve given us since we got engaged.

What is your best wedding planning tip?

My advice is to savour every moment of the engagement and every stage of planning as (hopefully!) it’s something you only do once. A valuable tip my friend Liana gave me was that weddings are a great way to include family and friends in your day, so drafting them in to help with ideas for flowers, the dress, invitations, food and so on will involve all your nearest and dearest even if they’re not part of the wedding party. Weddings are all about having fun so do exactly that and don’t let yourself get stressed out by the minor details – at the end of the day all the closest people to you come to your wedding to support you and your husband, so if you trip up the aisle or your mascara runs nobody will notice anyway!

Thank you so much to Katherine and Henri for sharing their story with us. If, like Katherine, you’re planning your wedding and would like some styling inspiration, click here to request a free copy of our wedding stylebook. And if this romantic proposal has got you in the mood for romance, you can read more stories here.

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