our wedding story…Lisa and Theo

Meet Lisa and Theo, who have kindly agreed to share the story of their recent engagement and initial wedding plans with us. Lisa is the Event Manager and a Head Makeup Artist for Benefit (who are also one of our blog sponsors). We have been working with Lisa on a few cool projects (watch this space) and were super-excited to hear of her recent engagement! Here is their story…

How did you get engaged?

Theo proposed in Croatia about two months ago. We were on holiday with eight of our best mates and it was pretty much the best holiday ever! I had a sneaking suspicion he would use the holiday to pop the question, but by day-three any thought of that was out of my mind – I was thinking, “he definitely would have done it by now”!

On the last night of our holiday we were all enjoying a lovely meal in our villa, reminiscing about how brilliant the holiday had been, when the moment came! ‘Our’ song came on the ipod, but I was completely oblivious about why and was casually saying how we both love the song. Then I noticed that Theo had stood up and suddenly our friends started crying and reaching to take out their cameras and phones to capture the moment. He made a beautiful (yet very Theo) speech about why he loved me and gave me the most beautiful ring that he had designed himself. It was perfect.

There was one funny moment though…as I was sitting next to him all evening and would have spotted a ring box in his pocket a mile off, he had to keep it in his pants all the way through dinner!

Is there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

We have about three big parties at our house every year and we love it. So, though our wedding doesn’t have a specific theme, we want it to be like one massive party and for everyone to enjoy themselves! We’re planning to have a big garden wedding at my Dad’s house and want to serve picnic and tapas style food. We just want the day to be fun and laid back and have a relaxed but party atmosphere.

Also, my fiancé is ‘obsessed’ with Craig David, so we are running a ‘get Craig to the wedding’ campaign! We’re urging everyone we know to help get him there for our big day and will be doing everything we can to make it happen. Wish us luck and hopefully nearer the day we will be telling you that we’ll be having a star performance at our wedding too!

What are your key gift list items?

We’re having a bit of a quirky, unconventional, DIY gift list. We like to call it ‘kitchen SOS’ as we really want a new kitchen! We’re going to make a cardboard shoebox mock-up of our dream kitchen (complete with little DIY fixtures) and ask our loved ones to buy different parts of it for us. For everyone who kindly contributes a part we are going to have their name put on one of our kitchen tiles. It will remind us every day what each person did for us.

Is your wedding turning out as you dreamt it would?

We have one year to go and so far so good! We have booked some things already but still have lots to do. Planning a wedding is definitely more expensive than we thought but we’re excited about making it all happen!

What is your one wedding tip?

That you should both do exactly what YOU want to do and not worry about anyone else! Make sure your wedding day is about the two of you and reflects your individual personalities, as well as your relationship together.

Thank you so much to Lisa and Theo for sharing their story with us. Their wedding sounds like it will be a very cool affair and we can’t wait to see the pictures…the only problem is we have to wait a whole year!

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