our wedding story… Liana and Chris part 2

Wedding Photography by Lucy Shergold

Continuing on from Mondays post here’s a little bit more about Liana and Chris’s chic country wedding – enjoy!

The second tear of the day came when it was time to leave for the Church. My dad came to find me to tell me the car was ready and told me he thought I looked beautiful. This is probably a pretty standard comment for the father-of-the-bride to make but my dad really isn’t a very emotionally, soppy man so it was a really special moment. Tears left at the door, we headed for the wedding car which was a friends’ vintage Roylls-Royce called Bertha. The reliable Bertha delivered my dad and I to the church in good time, so good in fact that we had to pull over in a lay-by for the longest 15 minutes of my life!

When we eventually did arrive at the church I was completely gob smacked, not just because miraculously the clouds had decided to part and the sun come out, but by how beautiful the church looked. As a wedding present my lovely mum offered to do all the church flowers. She’s an interior designer and I love her taste so I had no doubt she would make everything look amazing. The church gate and arch were covered in huge, bushy white hydrangeas and stocks mixed in with lots of lush green foliage. Inside the church we had pew ends and pedestals made up of enormous white roses (which smelt unbelievable), lace cap hydrangeas, eucalyptus and alchemilla.

The service was the best part of the day and it all went by far too fast and felt very, very dream like. My mother-in-law did one of the readings and then two of our best friends each did the others. My friend Ollie read one of my favourite poems (I Carry Your Heart by E.E. Cummings) beautifully and although she has since said she was having sleepless nights thinking about doing it, she was the epitome of calm when she got up to the pulpit.

After the service there were lots of photographs and as the sun was shining we made the most of it. I’ve got a really large family with lots of nieces and nephews who all live overseas so it was very special to have photos of us all in one place, at one time and on such a happy day. Chris and I left the church in his Uncles’ racing–green Morgan which I’m sure was one of his highlights of the day as he got to drive it! As we were leaving, our guests showered us in delphinium petals which my maid-of-honour found for us from Shropshire Petals. The colours were beautiful and it smelt gorgeous.

When we arrived at Hotel Endsleigh the sun was still shining so our brilliant photographer Lucy Shergold whisked us off for photos. She did such a good job and was just so lovely. She captured the whole day perfectly and covered all the little details which means we can now remember everything.

We had our reception in a marquee on the lawn of the hotel. When we went in for dinner it was the first time I had seen the marquee dressed. It looked stunning! The tables were covered in these beautiful distressed Sparkling Tea Light Holders from Nkuku which created this lovely, warm, twinkly glow and looked perfect with the centre pieces which were white hydranges and white peonies. Each of our tables were named after places that are special to Chris and I. We had are table cards and seating chart made by the wonderful Katie Sue.

Make sure to come back on Friday to read the final part of Liana and Chris’s wedding story where we find out about their homemade favours, the delicious cake and the child-friendly evening entertainment. Definitely not one to miss!

  • Liana may I just say your wedding looks and sounds beautiful, congratulations. Thankyou ever so much for sharing this with us. I am getting married in June 2012 and you have really inspired me. I am an Interior Desgner and thought inspiration would come easy however in when it came to my own wedding I was stumped for inspiration for the first time in over 20 years. However you have helped me find my inspiration again, I have already pulled out my wedding portfolio to start completing the finishing touches- how exciting :)

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