our wedding story… Kirsty and Rob part 2

Wedding Photography by Ben Phillips

Continuing on from Tuesdays post here’s some more about Kirsty and Rob’s fabulous, big day.

My parents still live in Barnes so I walked with my dad and my bridesmaids to the church through the streets of Barnes (trailed by children from the neighbourhood who had all heard of the wedding!). I walked into Pachobel’s Canon played on the flute by a friend, accompanied by the piano. During the signing of the register the flautist played ‘Dream a Little Dream of Me’ accompanied by a guitar. We had three readings, one of which was from a Rob Ryan engagement card that we had been sent and which felt particularly unique.

We left the church in an old fashioned taxi whilst the rest of the 170 strong congregation boarded three route master buses, adorned in ribbons. At Kew we had drinks & canapés in the historic Nash Conservatory whilst a friend played the acoustic guitar. We had a table of name cards which were laid out alphabetically by the entrance to guide people once we got to the dinner later on. My bridesmaid made a speech which felt very special and although she was very nervous, she delivered it beautifully and managed to make everyone laugh and cry!

After the drinks, everyone boarded the Kew Explorer train which took us on a tour of Kew Gardens ending at the stunning Orangery.
In the Orangery we had two long tables each seating about 85 people. We had table zones named after London landmarks – one north and one south of the river and going from West to East. Following their name card to their landmark, each person had their name attached to a box containing a chocolate fortune cookie from Maple Mollys which really broke the ice. We had very tall vases with round lolly pop balls of roses and peonies interspersed with gysophila, in the colours of Neapolitan icecream, and petals of the same colours scattered in between. Once everyone was sat down the MC announced the bride and groom and we walked into ‘Let the Music Play’ whilst everyone popped their own individual mini Moets by their place names. It was a fantastic moment and one of highlights of the day.

The main course was individual pies with a heart shape on top and shared bowls of vegetables. Each place setting also had an individual pot of mustard and one of ketchup. Following on from my dad’s fantastic speech, we cut the chocolate mousse cake which was surrounded by old black and white photos of our parents weddings’. We then served it as dessert.

During the morning our beloved pet cat had gone missing (the best man had let him out after one too many drinks the night before!!) and we got the call, just before the groom and best mans speech, that the cat had been found so there was a cheer throughout the room and the best man could finally relax! My poor dad had had to cut out a whole section about my love of animals so he slipped it to the best man to add to his once the subject had become less sensitive!

Make sure to come back next week to read the final part of Kirsty and Rob’s wedding where we find out about their fun, evening entertainment and their hot honeymoon get-away.

  • Comment by Charlie

    wow – what a gorgeous wedding! If it’s not a lovely secret Kirsty, what was the reading from the Rob Ryan card? I love his work and it sounds so sweet to have a reading like that… x

  • Comment by Kirsty

    Yes it was:
    Can we shall we?
    One day very soon
    Let us go away
    Together just you and me
    Call in sick and go to the sea
    And hold hands all day
    Eat our sandwiches on the train
    Get drunk on fresh air
    And come home tired
    And never tell anyone
    It was sweet and short and i think quite different when you hear so many of the same! x

  • Comment by Patricia

    Hi Kirsty – congratulations! My daughter is thinking of holding her wedding drinks reception at the Princess of Wales and dinner/dance at the Orangery. Is it a venue you can recommend? Do you have any tips? Which caterer did you use?

  • Comment by Kirsty

    Hi Patricia
    Yes i would definitely recommend it as a venue and we looked at the Princess of Wales too. Really fun and different venue for drinks and would definitely be something people would remember. We were worried on a hot day people would be keen to be outside so went for the Nash in the end as it has both options.
    The Orangery is stunning and classically beautiful. It does need some work in terms of lighting and staging which we hadnt budgeted for and came as a bit of a shock! its worth talking to all of the suppliers to get the best deal but we used Blue Strawberry who were fantastic.
    We made sure they removed the large green plants in there for our wedding as they took up so much room. worth trying to get them to do the same unless they wish to incorporate them. The only other thing i would say is its tricky not being able to get in there before 5pm when the public leave. it made it quite stressful for the florist and caterers especially as people were reluctant to leave the cafe! it is definitely a good idea to have a friend or 2 go and check in on progress and even lend a hand if neccesary!!
    I would also say use the Kew Explorer if you can as so many people commented on the train and enjoyed getting to see the gardens! good luck!

  • Comment by Patricia

    Thanks for your honest reply. Everything you’ve said has matched what we feared. It ‘s a toss up between this and the Langham which is a very different venue but as we will not have the issues described I think we will probably opt for the Langham. The costs at Kew are also rising steeply as one of the caterers admitted they had put their prices up because of the Olympics next year. I can’t see the logic myself but I guess it’s an opportunity to make money!
    Thanks again for your advise and now it’s onward and upward with the rest of the planning!!!

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