This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the maverick mums, the perfectly imperfect mums, the mums doing things their own way. Behind the screens, notonthehighstreet.com is made up of tons of such women: mothers and creative entrepreneurs balancing business and babies; parenthood and professionalism; creativity and crayons.

Scroll down to see the amazing winners of the Maverick Mum competition!



Co-founder and creative director of Nor-Folk, Fiona Burrage might just be one of the coolest mamas we know. A talented graphic designer, she started her business alongside husband, Bobby, in 2015. Using family and adventure as their muses, they design and make minimal Nordic inspired apparel and homeware.

Fiona still considers her primary role as being little Stanley’s mum, saying “the decision to create a line of products was really down to him. I had so much fun styling Stanley and our home, and recording moments on our Instagram feed that this felt like the next natural step.”


Two Maverick Mums are better than one. That’s certainly true of Deborah and Verity from Sparks Clothing. The mother daughter duo design everything from personalised socks to witty slogan tees. Their latest ‘Doing Motherhood My Way Sweatshirt’ is our new favourite.

They print each piece at their very busy little studio in Somerset, alongside looking after Verity’s daughter and Sparks Lady in Training, Matilda: “when we get busy at Sparks HQ we have to juggle work and the baby. Keeping a baby happy whilst running a business isn’t easy, but with help from our amazing staff we seem to manage!”


Hayley and Lucas are the ultimate Maverick parents. They launched Alphabet Bags in 2008 from their spare room. Fast forward eight years: they’ve got their very own office space and one VERY cute toddler. Two weeks after little June was born, Hayley was back in the office with her in tow – maternity leave is tricky when you run a small business.

From that point on, Alphabet Bags has become a family affair and June a vital part of the team: “as in business, every day of motherhood is different so we’re just making it up as we go. Things are going well so far, even though occasionally June screams or sets off loud musical toys when I’m on the phone to a customer – or pulls pouches out of their drawers when we’re packing orders.”


Nila Holden is a maverick at home with her children, as well as in the bakery. Her beautiful, personalised biscuits have taken notonthehighstreet.com by storm with their unique design and swoon-worthy colours. As a parent, Nila’s take on motherhood is all about taking it step by step (and appointing her children as chief tasters).

Nila says of her approach to parenthood: “Like most working mums and business women, life can be a daily struggle. I regularly find myself wondering if I’m doing the right thing for my children, spending enough time with them, if I’m selfish for wanting to be a successful entrepreneur and the best mother I can be?  Are the two mutually exclusive?  Is it really possible to be great at both?”

You can read more on this topic on Nila’s blog. She’s written a brilliant and insightful article on her daily balancing act.


After spending ten years working in market research, Adelle swapped the city for her Shoreditch kitchen. What started as fun at home with her son, Cai, and stepchildren, Elsie and Stanley, soon turned into a successful business as news spread of her messy and inspiring approach to children’s baking.

A self taught baker, this Maverick Mum’s only aim was to have as much fun as possible. Adelle says of her idea: “we want to fuel kids’ imaginations and make baking with your family easy, tasty and super fun.”


Massive thank you to all who entered! Here are our three amazing winners:

Here is my #maverickmum moment. Anyone else shower like this? #ipadinthebathroom #fourthtrimag #nofilter #parentingtheshitoutoflife

Dear @notonthehighstreet this is my #MaverickMum She fell pregnant at 17 and gave birth 3 months before completing her A-levels. She still remained at 6th form and left during her study breaks to breastfeed me. If that wasn’t enough she then went to night school after putting me to bed and is now the Partner of a Law Firm. The ultimate #Mumboss, the most selfless woman in the world & the love of my life.

Amy @ThePaperEmporium
“You are so lucky to work from home” – yeah about that The work of one girl Yes she has put swimming pants on her head. #mumboss #MaverickMum

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