tell us your wedding story so far… Anne and David

How did you get engaged?

David proposed on our two-year anniversary. He was going to take me for a picnic, but the weather was horrible, so he got down on one knee at home instead. I nearly did myself out of a proposal, though – he’d been dropping hints for ages that he had “something important to ask you”, but I made the mistake of mentioning it and he panicked and said I’d got completely the wrong idea, trying to throw me off the scent like Chandler in Friends! And I believed him! So I was delighted when he asked. He’d already picked out the ring, but his best man, who is a jeweller, asked me to show him what I liked, just to check it was the right kind of thing. And you know what? We picked exactly the same ring. I still can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get together. By the time we met, we’d had mutual friends for 10 years. I even knew his housemate. But we didn’t meet until we were both single, so I think it was meant to be, as soppy as that sounds.

Is there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

Our theme came together once we found the venue – it’s an art deco cinema. We watch a lot of movies and I’ve sometimes worked as a film critic so it’s very us. It looks amazing, with a stage, loads of space and a lovely long aisle, and we’ll be serving popcorn and ice-cream at the post-ceremony drinks reception instead of canapes! I’m taking inspiration from the 20s, 30s and 40s. I don’t want to get too bogged down trying to authentically create one specific period and obsess over getting it “right”, we’re just mixing things we like. So it’s a bit prohibition era and a bit old Hollywood. Think old movies, top hats, jazz and vaudeville, complete with a wind-up gramophone.

What are your key gift list items?

We don’t have a gift list yet, but I’d like a list that lets people buy actual things. Honeymoon donations are all very well, and we might open a list for that too, but if someone gives you an actual thing, you’ll think of them when you use it and I think that’s lovely. I’m considering’s gift list service because it’s something unique and different, and has lots of gorgeous things.

Is your wedding turning out as you dreamt it would?

I wasn’t one of those girls who always imagined what her wedding would be like. All wedding dresses looked the same to me until recently! When I found the cinema, I realised that would be my dream ceremony venue, but I honestly think you make up your dream wedding as you go along depending on what you and your groom want, your personality as a couple and the things you find online, in shops and in magazines. I dreamed of finding the right man, and am happy to say I have. But my wedding has always been a blank canvas, really.

What is your one wedding tip?

I can’t pick just one, so I’m going to give you three, taken from my wedding planning and experience of friends getting married. Don’t panic when people regale you with advice about how you have to have this and you shouldn’t have that. Just smile and take it with a pinch of salt. Secondly, plan for the weather! Being prepared for rain won’t tempt fate, you’ll just have a better day if it happens, and think about sunny weather, too – get sun cream and insect repellant if you’re planning to spend time outside. Thirdly, make sure you plan what’s going to be where, when. Do you need someone to take your coat to the reception venue, or deliver your bags to the first-night hotel? Plan these details in advance for a much less stressful day.

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