Our Pig Day Out

There are a few things it helps to appreciate when you work at notonthehighstreet.com – cake (check), beautiful weddings (check), and above all, adorable animals. Needless to say, all of the above featured somewhere in our long list of ideas for a good old-fashioned April Fool’s Day prank.

We’re immensely proud of both our pets and art departments, and the opportunity to link the two was too good to miss. And so we introduced you to our ‘brand new seller’, Painterly Pets. We may have slightly underestimated quite how challenging it would be to ask a horse to stand beside a painted easel in the middle of a lush green field without galloping off, eating grass, and turning her less attractive side to camera (then eating some more grass). We got there in the end and thanks to the wonderful staff, animals and scenery at Bocketts Farm Park and our lovely photographer Jo, we were pretty pleased with the results.

This is Maggie standing obediently beside her ‘masterpiece’ – apologies for nicknaming you Damien Horse in our email, Maggie, but we can’t resist a good pun. (It didn’t end there – Francis Bacon, Vincent Van Trough, Mercel Duckchamp and Andy Warthog all had us chuckling for slightly longer than we’d like to admit).

The photos that you may have seen in our 1 April email had a little touch-up in Photoshop and by all accounts were pretty convincing. They all relied on some well-staged photography to start with and some professional posing from the good folk of Bocketts Park Farm. As you’d imagine we had fun in the process as this didn’t come easy!

Tulip, the donkey was a real fan of our photographer and pretty keen on playing director, as you can see…


And those lamas definitely have a cheeky side.

All in all, we really enjoyed our pig day out (sorry). Here’s a picture of Rowena, our CRM executive, learning all about customer marketing – not just taking selfies with farm animals.

What do you take us for? Do you really think we’d sell art painted by animals? OK, never say never…


  • Comment by Olivia

    Loving the puns! Maggie looks especially artistic with her impressionistic field depiction!

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