Our Panel of Gifting Experts

You might remember back in March this year we put together a group of our most esteemed gift-finding staff and created the Panel of Gifting Experts, who were on hand to help our Facebook fans find the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day. We asked them to tell us a bit about their mum (what they’re like, their hobbies and interests) and how much they wanted to spend, and our panel found them suitable options. It was a roaring success, and now our super-hero panel are back with a vengeance to come to your Christmas rescue. So if you’re struggling to find a gift for a loved one, all you need to do is post on our Facebook page or comment on our latest status, and tell us a little bit about the recipient and the kind of gift you’re looking for. Then kick back, put the mulled wine on, and our panel will pull together some suggestions to fit the bill. Easy!

This is the dream team, our Panel of Gifting Experts…

Danielle Lancaster – Merchandising Manager

Harriet French – PR Assistant

   Carrie Gateshill – Head of Product

Joanne Griffin – Merchandise Co-ordinator

 Sarah Wilson – Head of Brand

Emma Wood – PR Manager
Emma Long – Merchandising Catalogue Manager
Cora Norrey- Merchandising Catalogue Executive
Trust us, they know their stuff. Head to our Facebook page and tell us what you’re after and they’ll get back to you with some suggestions as quickly as they can. Or, if you’re raring to get going straight away, download our mobile app to store all your important calendar events and choose gifts based on your recipients’ personality traits. Download The Thoughtful Gift Finder app for free from the app store.

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