our new website has launched!

We are all so absolutely overly excited and joyously happy to announce that our gorgeous new website has launched, giving you a totally refreshed shopping experience with us.

So what has changed? You will notice immediately that the new site is bigger, and that the design and navigation have changed. The beautiful new design and larger size were natural progressions, and with over 35,000 products now selling on the site, it became time for a navigation overhaul! The mega drop-down menus may appear a little daunting at first, but they soon become really easy to use and make it much quicker to find your way around the site.
The search facility is now more advanced, and includes a predictive element – this means that when you start to type in your search term, we guess what you might be searching for and show you the options. Just so clever. We have also created even more inspiration sections for you to discover, as we know what style-hunters you are. You will also soon see a new addition to the top navigation bar called ‘discover…’. This area will pull together all of the inspiration sections of the site, giving you a wonderful journey down discovery lane whenever you want. Whether you are seeking a gift, or something for yourself, this section will give you loads of gorgeous and original ideas.

Start looking around and you’ll see lots of other fabulous new features too, including a product summary zoom on product lists (just so slick) and a drop-down shopping basket showing you a little summary of everything in your basket when you hover over it – you don’t even need to click into it. In addition to all this, there is another brilliant feature that will transform your lives along with ours. You can now ‘view all’ on product pages (no trawling through 10 pages of products) – just keep scrolling and the products keep appearing! Now not very many sites can do that, you know. We know how precious your time is, and these little tricks save our customers all those unnecessary clicks.

We’ve also joined forces with a trusted independent feedback forum called Feefo so you will start seeing reviews being added to products. This will help guide you when making a purchase. You can now read reviews from customers and will be invited to write your own following a purchase. You can also see our overall service rating in real-time.

The website refresh team have been extremely dedicated in producing the best customer experience possible and have been working all hours researching, building, designing and fine-tuning the new website. We’ve consulted customers, usability experts and brand afficionados to make the site, in short, absolutely brilliant. A huge thank you to the team for doing a wondrous job, and to everyone who contributed along the way, including our customers!

Now have a play, and do tell us what you think.

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