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Emma Long, a member of the Merchandising Team, has been dazzling the lucky notonthehighstreet.com staff with her baking skills for years! Shes been generously ‘tickling our taste buds’ with all manner of home-baked deliciousness, that disappears from the office kitchen in the blink of an eye! The Weddings Team were delighted to learn that Emma’s baking talents have reached a whole new level. She was recently asked to make her friend’s beautiful wedding cake (pictured) and kindly let us quiz her about it…

What was your inspiration when designing the cake?

The cake was inspired by the colour scheme that my friend had chosen for the day. She particularly wanted the cake to compliment the vintage roses of her bouquet. We looked through lots of wedding magazines and cake books together and decided on the design she wanted.

What type of wedding cake was it?

The bottom tier of the cake was vanilla sponge, the middle tier was chocolate sponge and the top tier was a rich fruitcake. There were 100 guests at the wedding and because I had made three different flavours there was something to suit most people’s tastes. I really enjoyed making the cake and my friend was really happy with it which is the most important thing. I now have three more wedding cakes to make in the coming year!

How on earth did you learn to make those gorgeous flowers?

I have been making cakes for many years but was very keen to learn how to decorate cakes properly. When my friend asked me to be her bridesmaid I really wanted to make the cake for her and her fiancé but was a bit scared about making a cake for that many people and for such a special occasion! I found out about a cupcake decorating course at the Make Lounge, in Islington, where you are taught how to ice cakes properly and make sugar roses. I went along to the course with a few friends. It was really good fun and the skills I learnt really helped me have the confidence to take on making the wedding cake.

Do you have any baking secrets?

My secret is giving yourself lots of time. This way if something does go wrong you have time to fix it and you won’t end up panicking at the last minute. This is especially the case when you also have bridesmaid duties to attend to! I would also suggest investing in good equipment if you plan on making wedding cakes. This will really help the whole process and mean the final result is how you imagined at the start. We are very lucky to have a great cake decorating shop in Richmond that I like to visit very regularly! Finally I would also invest in good packaging so you can transport the cake to the venue in one piece!

What’s your prediction for up and coming wedding cake trends?

It seems that a lot of people are now opting for traditionally iced wedding cakes that match their colour scheme. Although they might have a traditional looking wedding cake it seems lots of people now want more unusual flavours of cake not just the traditional fruitcake. I am really inspired by the cake decorator Peggy Porchen. I think her cakes are beautiful and look like works of art in their own right. I would love to be able to make sugar roses like she can.

Having a home-baked wedding cake is becoming increasingly popular. If you can bake, it is such a lovely gift to be able to give. And for the married couple, knowing that it was baked with thought and love by someone close, will make the cake even more special. It could also be seen as a more budget-friendly option too. If you’re lucky enough to have friend like Emma (not just because she’s lovely) you can have the sentiment but don’t have to compromise on the professional finish either!

Will you be getting out your ‘little black book’ of bakers for your day?

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