Our 5 favourite real-life dates

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we’ve been on the hunt for your amazing real love stories. From coincidental meetings to grand proposals, we’ve heard some incredibly romantic tales. We’ve picked our top 5 real-life dates stories to give you a bit of inspiration.

Emma & Zach: don’t be afraid to sweep them of their feet

“It was our 3rd date and Zach invited me away for the weekend. I didn’t know where we were going and just had instructions to bring my passport. I was a little nervous as I didn’t know him that well, but really excited too, so I said yes and ran home from work to pack a bag. He picked me up in a silver, soft-top Porsche (!) and we set off on our trip. We drove to Folkestone in Kent and by this time the game was up, I knew we were going to France! He knew I had a weakness for cheese so we drove to a village called Livarot in the Normandy region where they make the best cheese. We went to a factory and travelled home with a great selection (and a few baguettes of course).”

Connor & Zoe: don’t be afraid to go low budget

“I met Zoe when we were both still students so didn’t have loads of money to spend on a fancy date. I picked her up from her house and we went to local deli to pick up some picnicky bits. We made our way to Primrose Hill, opened a bottle of fizz and watched the sun go down over London. It was a perfect date and we got to know so much about each other.”

Pip & Graham: don’t be put off if everything doesn’t go according to plan

“I met Graham through work so knew him quite well before we went on our first date. It took quite a lot of planning as I live in London and he lived in Bristol so we decided to meet on a Friday night so he could stay with a friend. We were meeting at 7 to go to a Greek restaurant and then have drinks, but by 8 he still hadn’t arrived. I was getting hungry and grumpy so eventually ignored my instinct to play it cool and gave him a call to see where he was. His response (much to my horror) “ahh well at the moment with the police on my way to the car pound…”. Long story short he eventually made it to Angel on foot and we spent the next morning at the car pound with bacon sandwiches, trying to get his car out. Thankfully the second date went a lot smoother and we’re getting married in August.”

James & Fran: don’t be afraid to be spontaneous

“I had had my eye on Fran for a while, and although we’d been out together as friends I hadn’t had the guts to ask her on a date yet. The day I happened to ask, Fran already had plans to go to an open air showing of Casablanca in Bryant Park but we agreed to go for dinner before the show. We went to a small Spanish cafe and then headed to a street fair: we’d had such good time so far and when Fran invited me to join her for the film I couldn’t turn her down. We bought some kettle corn (which later became our thing) and eventually made it up to Bryant Park. It was packed with people so we gave up trying to find Fran’s friends and found a good spot on the grass. We were so engrossed in conversation (and each other) that we never really saw Casablanca – we’re now saving it for a special occasion.”

Camille & Warren: don’t be afraid of traditional romance

“When Warren asked me on a date I was so excited as I thought no-one really did that any more. We lived in Cape Town at the time and I’m a musical junkie, so when he turned up with tickets for a Broadway production of Mamma Mia, I couldn’t be happier. The show was amazing and afterwards we went on a coal boat ride along the V&A waterfront where we were wrapped in a blanket and didn’t say a word – it was the most romantic day of my life.”


What’s your best ever date? Share your stories in the comments below or by using #LoveYourStory

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  • Comment by Jenni and pete ..... a special gift

    Pete is my 2nd hubby and we have been married for 22yrs. Last August he took me on a surprise cruise around the Mediterranean to celebrate our anniversary and me losing 6 stone in weight. We stopped off in Gibraltar where he picked out his pet name for me in gold letters and had them put on to a bracelet for me…. he didn’t let on ….. when we had a lovely dinner later that night he gave me the box ….. inside the words “princess” had been spelt out. Hes my soul mate and means everything to me

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