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Think ‘old school’ Hollywood. Think, pearls, diamonds, silk, cravats, furs, the movies, the boulevard, the all-encompassing glamour that you can’t ignore when you reflect on that bygone era. A time where the style was all about effortless chic and being ‘classically showy’, without being crass and with the Audreys, Gingers and Bacalls of the day – leading the way and making it look effortlessly easy too!

There is an undeniable elegance and retro charm to that time that can inspire and translate into modern wedding styling. It doesn’t have to result in an over the top themed wedding, unless you want it to of course, it can just be about choosing elegant touches that sprinkle a bit of that old Hollywood charm into your day.

style my wedding day

Vintage American Bus Blinds by Retrophenia are an indulgent styling choice that doesn’t come cheap, however they can easily be justified as a wedding gift to yourselves and a cool homeware accessory, to hang in your home for years to come after the wedding.

Bring a touch of cinematic magic and good old fashioned entertainment into your day with The ‘Popcorn’ Letterpress Wedding Stationery by Yield Ink and the Personalised Roamantic Boxing Poster by Sideshow Designs.

Glam up your tables with the Set of Six Vintage Style Bow Brooches by Francesca and Florence and some personalised Little Brown Favour Bags by Contemporary Handmade, filled with treats of your choice.

style me hollywood please

Vintage Style Floral Bridal Headpiece by Aurora Rose Bridal

Diamante and Pearl Handmade Shoe Clips and Eva Leather Peep Toe Shoes by Rachel Simpson

Cream Crystal Twin Ball Drop Earrings by Josey Wales

Three Strand White Pearl Bracelet by Victoria Jill

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    OMG! My wedding shoes have that EXACT bow on! And it comes in a brooch too?! You have basically just made my day… xxxx

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