not your ordinary hen-do!

With three super-cool brides-to-be, Louise, Liana and Cora, who all gave strict instructions about not having a typically tacky hen-do (well, we secretly think Liana would have been up for it, but she was outvoted, poor love!), it was going to have to be an office hen-do with a difference…

So we created Hen Fest!

Hen Fest in on July 6th, on our terrace outside the office, which we are weather-proofing with an awning, and adding hay bails (yes real ones, from a farm!) for seating. There’ll be a four piece band called We Happy Few to entertain out on the terrace, and a silent disco inside (in our Orange Pekoe meeting room, if you’ve ever been to our offices). We know that Louise loves partaking in a silent disco or two, and it’s so easy to rent the headsets and create your own party, it was an obvious choice. We’ll be serving up sparkly drinks and homemade street food, and constructing a union jack teepee with fancy dress items inside for the brides-to-be to scramble around in to find a suitably silly outfit. With a dress code of day-glo bracelets, wellies, flowery dresses and hats, it will be a mini-festival to remember…

And the boys are coming too, because it would have been mean to leave them out of such an amazingly fun event. They have promised to help with (and not consume all of) the drinks. We have a few games up our sleeves to keep some of the traditional hen-do format.

We’ll be sure to take photos to let you see what we get up to! And do share your alternative hen-do ideas with us.

While we’d love to invite you all, sadly Hen Fest is for staff only ;o)

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