Our sellers – creative geniuses that they are – have spent months dreaming up everything from chocolate sprouts to morse code necklaces.

From studios, workshops and kitchen tables across the UK they’ve been busy making the most original products – personalised, handmade and totally unique – to help you find that perfect, light-up-their-face gift.


With time to kill while travelling to and from snowboarding competitions, Gilly learn to crochet. Combining this new skill with her love of 1920’s style, it wasn’t long before her hats and headbands attracted the attention of her fellow competitors on the slopes.

With more ideas than time, snowboarding firmly behind her and an ever growing product range, Gilly no longer has a spare second to twiddle her thumbs. 2234 stitches go into every pair of Love Heart Socks she makes (that’s four hours per pair). “Last Christmas I was frantically crocheting in between eating and present opening,” laughs Gilly.

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Finland, a snow-covered teepee, and a hot tub under the northern lights. That’s the best gift Louise – co-founder of Velvet Ribbon – has ever received. But for Louise and the rest of Velvet Ribbon, travel isn’t just about relaxing; it’s also where they get a lot of their ideas, and it’s something you’ll notice across their entire range.

The design for the Personalised Luggage Tags came from the same vintage airport tags they found in a flea market. “It got us thinking about the story of the owner, and the story behind each and every tag,” recalls Louise. “I love the idea of being transported to someone else’s world.”



1714. That’s how many chocolate sprouts Gillian (Quirky Gift Library’s chocolatier) rolls by hand every morning in the build-up to Christmas. And yet she never ceases to be amazed at how realistic they look.

The idea was simple: can we find a fun combination of foods people hate and love? The breakthrough came when, after hours and many failed attempts, Gillian worked out how to melt and roll chocolate in just the right way to create the perfect looking Brussels sprout. The kind that makes people turn their nose up, until they take that first bite and enter chocolately nirvana.


From copywriting to cocktails, Fiona – founder of Gin Tales – put down her pen to pick up a bottle of naturally-infused gin instead.

“It seemed crazy to me that we opt for fake substitutes when natural ingredients have such wonderfully rich flavours,” she says. The Raspberry and Mint Gin was created on instinct and will be playing a part in her family Christmas traditional this year, “After dinner on Christmas Eve we all gather in the living room for cocktails, mince pies and a board game battle.


Alice Rivers-Cripps – the woman behind Posh Totty – had only $60 to her name when she found herself stranded in Mexico. And for the next two years she worked with Myan jewellers until she could buy a plane ticket home.

It was a trip to remember. Not only did it give her the skills to start her own jewellery company, it also inspired the jewellery she mad. Memories play a big part in the ideas behind her ever-expanding range.

When she was a little girl, her best friend gave her a ring as a sign of their friendship. Alice loved it so much she slept with it every night, until one day she decided to wear it to the school fete on a ribbon she found lying around.

When her best friend’s mum saw her wearing the homemade necklace, she thought it looked familiar. It turned out that Alice’s friend had borrowed the ring from her mum’s jewellery box. “I never really got the design out of my head, and it ended up influencing my work on the Russian Ring Necklace,” she explains.



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