Our New Year’s Resolution

Putting the post-Christmas blues firmly behind us (and forgetting about all the mince pies we’ve eaten) it’s finally time to get serious about New Year’s resolutions. Rather than write a list of promises we’ll inevitably break – dry January, no cake and going to the gym at least once a week – we’ve decided to make 2015 all about new experiences.

So, here it comes. Our top five experiences that are sure to make 2015 less ordinary.

1) Make sure you’re top of the game with our ultimate table tennis masterclass. You’ll learn the basics of the game – how to serve, place and direct the ball – as well as how to chop, smash and destroy your opponent (in a moderately friendly way). If you already consider yourself a bit of a pro then our teacher, Olav, will make sure you up your game.

Table Tennis Masterclass

2) Turn yourself into a silversmith for the day and learn how to make your own jewellery (and use tiny, tiny pliers). You’ll learn how to cut, shape, file and solder silver, to create a unique and professional piece of silver jewellery.

Silver Jewellery For Beginners Class

3) Why buy a new pair of shoes, when you can make your own sandals? Not only will our workshop leave you suitably well shod, but with the knowledge and experience to make sandals from home time and time again (think of all those shoes).

Leather Sandal Making Workshop

4) Leave awkward shuffling and dad dancing in 2014, and learn the moves and grooves of swing dance. You’ll get to grips with three of the fastest, most furious and undeniably most fun during this four-hour invigorating class.

Swing Dance In A Day Class For Two

5) Let out your inner musician, and learn blues guitar with The Stranglers’ ex-guitarist, John Ellis. Yes, that’s right – a real life guitar legend. Get to grips with hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, whams and turnarounds, palm muting and chugging – and that’s just for starters.

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