Nell’s wedding day is nearly here!

Nell, our partner services manager, is getting married next weekend and we have been hearing lots about her wedding plans. She’s been very creative and it might give you some ideas if you’re getting married soon or know someone who is!

The jewellery

“I spent a long time finding the right jeweller – I’d heard of Sophie at Honeybourne Jewellery before as I used to curate jewellery exhibitions, and came across her shop and very cute studio in Ventnor in the Isle of Wight, where my grandfather lives. Her ‘enamel’ collection was absolutely the look I wanted. I have a late 1940s vintage wedding dress, which has slightly uneven lace around the neckline; very simple and organic. Sophie’s jewellery is not too structured and is influenced by nature, the necklace I chose is also slightly uneven and really reflects the lace on my dress. Her work looks handmade and unique but not ‘crafty’. It’s pretty and feminine but very sophisticated… in fact, exactly how I’d like to look on my wedding day! To be honest, I think my necklace is going to upstage my dress!

We worked closely with Sophie to design my engagement ring and both our wedding rings and she was amazing. I just couldn’t recommend her more. I can’t wait until she starts selling on the website – I’m going to buy loads more!”

Well, dangerous times for Nell as Honeybourne Jewellery is now selling on We took a sneaky photo of Nell’s wedding jewellery when it arrived at the office though to give you a preview but click here to see the real thing.

The decor and gifts

‘We chose an art deco theme, with vintage style referring back to the 30s, 40s and 50s. I bought Paper Map Hearts by Bombus to scatter on the tables to link in with our ‘seven cities in 14 nights’ honeymoon theme and Bespoke Cutlery Tags by Fraser & Parsley, saying ‘A vintage present for a classic day’ as we’re buying vintage presents for everyone. We’ve bought 1950s games, jazz and theatre programmes, and 1940s small ladies bags. Our band is a jive band who play regularly at the 100 Club. We have scented candles on the wish list to make the chapel and reception smell delicious. Guests will travel from venue to venue on one of two buses – one’s a Routemaster and the other is a Regal Four!’

The wedding gift list

Obviously Nell has her wedding gift list at! She’s got her eye on some champagne flutes because both she and her fiance love a bit of fizz. She’s also hankering after a retro phone, some organic towels and Sorbet living ceramics to adorn her kitchen.

The honeymoon

The theme is ‘seven cities in 14 nights’ so they’ll be travelling in style – think Poirot! On Nell’s wish list, she had Julie Slater’s travel bag so we bought it as a gift to send her on her way in style! She has also treated herself to some Susan Kerr jewellery and Jane De Bono’s leather cuffs to wear on the trip.

We wish Nell and Mat all the best for their wedding day! We had a little send-off yesterday and gave Nell her presents, the sign is featured above!

  • love this site cheers

  • I was searching for my cousin Nell’s wedding photographs which he uploaded somewhere (but later forgot about it) when i came across this blog. Seems the couple just had a great wedding and when I am writing this comment the newlyweds should be on their ‘seven cities in 14 nights’ honeymoon.

    Congrats. Best wishes to them both.

  • Sounds like an amazing wedding, can’t wait to see the pictures xx

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