celebrating National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day, and it just so happens that we’ve got an amazing, original poem to share with you! One of the newest additions to our wonderful customers service team, Neil Chinneck (pictured above), was asked to pen some lines inspired by an item on the site. He chose the lovely ‘Keep Calm and Carry On Cooking’ apronby Catherine Colebook, and this is what he came up with:

It has long since been the British way,
When attempting to bake a tricky soufflé,
That if your pudding should start to sink,
To keep your chin up, and try to think,
Of a perky little tune, or a lively song,
But above all to keep calm, and carry on.

So with that helpful advice in mind
We bring you an item of the very best kind:
Hand-printed, of course, for that personal feel
And at twenty two pounds, a bit of a steal.
So if it’s a new apron for which you’ve been looking
We present: ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Cooking.’

Offered in three most wondrous colours,
It will keep your clothes most adequately covered,
And the itty-bitty button’s a cute little touch
To keep up your spirits if things get too much.
No need to go mad, or do anything silly
With the help of our motivational pinny.

So come lunch, come dinner or breakfasting time,
Come sugar or salt, come syrup or brine;
To keep you on track, the thing that you need
When calamity strikes and you’ve people to feed,
When the chips are on fire, and you’ve burned all the bacon,
Is the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On Cooking’ Apron!

Please expect all our posts to rhyme from now on…

  • It isn’t everyday that an apron finds a friend

    Who’ll point out all it’s qualities in an ode that he has penned

    It made my bib jump up and down as if I had a heart

    It is a thing of beauty – a timeless work of art.

    So thank you Neil Chinneck, you are a bloomin’ star

    Your talent is breathtaking and we think that you’ll go far.

    Your meter is astounding, all hail to your fine timing

    We would implore that you would please ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Rhyming!

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