Natalie: 55 days to go

The next big job on my list was making the favours. It was a little overwhelming trying to come up with a simple idea that wasn’t too expensive. My first idea was salt dough tags, stamped with a message. I’d seen lots of really cute ones on Pinterest, and as the tags would have been made from just flour, salt and water it would have been super cheap. However, it was really hard to get the dough smooth and after several failed attempts, salt dough favours didn’t seem like such a good idea after all. Instead, I’ve decided to go with traditional sweets in jam jars.

The first step was finding the jars themselves. I was under the impression that I could simply ask family and friends to collect them for me. Turns out people aren’t eating that much jam these days, so that idea didn’t work out too well either. I eventually found a company selling jars for under £30. Matt was really happy when 80 jars turned up at his office – he still hasn’t managed to bring them all home.

I love stamped tags, and really liked the idea of using the favours as place names. I often make these at Christmas. The annoying thing is, a lot of stamps are quite hard to use without leaving an ink mark around the edge of the paper. Luckily my friend lent me a set that worked well. So I got to work stamping out 80 tags. This was actually not too bad as you could just do a batch at a time whilst watching TV.

So I’ve got the jars and tags now the only thing left to get is the sweets and fabric covers. I started making some out of an old bed cover, but I’ll need to find a lot more material. I’m just going to cut out a circle from the material with some pinking shears to create a neat edge.

I’m looking forward to choosing the sweets. I’m thinking cola cubes, bonbons, chocolate mice and lemon sherbets. Now I’m halfway there with them I feel a lot happier and I still have two months to go, so that should leave me plenty of time to finish them off.


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