Natalie: 30 days to go

Thank god for the bank holiday weekend. An extra day for wedmin and wedcraft. There’s only four weeks to go now, so I’ve been getting cracking with the table plan. It’s unbelievable how long it takes to make a table plan. It took me and Matt over a day of cutting, printing and sticking. We got there in the end though, with only a few bits to finish off. It’s a big weight off my mind.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve mainly been focusing on the finishing touches to my outfit and getting accessories for the bridesmaids and flower girls. I had a very interesting experience with the flower girls – they’re my nieces aged two and four. The two year old would scream whenever we put the dress on her saying she didn’t like it. Not something I want to deal with the morning of the wedding. On a shopping trip to get them shoes and cardigans, which was stressful enough, I decided we needed to start from scratch with the dresses. I had bought the first ones quite hastily and they were quite heavy and big, so I could understand why they didn’t like them. While dragging them around the shops, we resorted to bribery – mainly of the sweet variety – to keep them trying on dresses. After two hours, thoroughly exhausted, we finally emerged with two new dresses, matching cardigans and hair bands – we all needed a lie down and a drink after that trip!

I also had my first dress fitting this week. I’ve been a bit concerned about the dress, so I was hoping this fitting would put my mind at ease. When I started listing the changes, the seamstress looked quite concerned – I thought it was normal to request a lot of changes. I remember when trying on dresses, everyone saying “we can easily change this, we can easily change that”. And you can, but at a price! I emerged from the fitting £500 poorer and with the seamstress saying it was like making a whole new dress. After I got over the shock of the cost I did feel a lot happier. It’s got to be 100% right, it is my wedding day after all. Let’s just hope there’s no further changes needed at the next fitting!

Natalie x

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