my mum Penny V is no 1 bestseller – again!

For those of you who may not already know, my mother is Penny Vincenzi, the best-selling novelist. Her new novel, The Best Of Times, is number 1 in the UK best-sellers list. It’s the third time she’s been at the top of the book charts, but it’s never any less exciting and we’re all very proud!

She has been a huge inspiration throughout my life – she wanted to be a famous and successful writer since she wrote stories as a child, and that’s exactly what she’s done. She also made me see work as something you should love to do, which has shaped my life in the most positive of ways.

For both Holly and me, our mothers have been fantastic role models in our determination and belief that we will succeed, and we feel specially blessed that they have always understood our personal challenges and supported our own ambitions for

  • Oh WOW my Mom and I have read all your mom’s books (bar the new one) and we love them!!

  • Comment by Lorraine

    I had to leave a comment when I read who your mum is, LOVE all her books my favourite is OLD SINS read it twice !!!

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