Being a man working at, you don’t get many chances to be manly. The occasional bit of heavy lifting, snatched conversations about the weekend’s football results and that’s about it.

When we realised Movember was rolling around, it dawned on some of us that it was the perfect opportunity to bring a bit of manliness to the office in the form of unshaven upper lips. What’s more, we could help our fellow men too. Movember is all about promoting awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, and raising some funds to help fight them too. These diseases affect so many men and we wanted to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other blokes, gents, chaps, dudes, lads and hombres, and help to take the fight to these horrible conditions.

So far, through family, friends and of course our wonderful colleagues, our team of mo-growers have raised around £600 at the time of writing this post. And just in case there’s anyone else out there who’d like to help us out, you can sponsor us by visiting our official Movember page.

Of course we were all hoping we’d end up looking like Tom Selleck, Hulk Hogan or (at worst) Super Mario, but it’s still early days really. On a personal note, I really miss my beard (which I shaved off as per the Movember rules) – it’s really cold without it!

  • not being funny but how many of you are growing Movembers ? or is it just the quality of photograph. keep up the good work all in a good cause.xx

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