monkey business

Teenage sons (and probably daughters too, but Honor has a couple of years to go) bring a certain level of cynicism to the gifting in our household, making gift exchanges a little tentative at times! But my husband, Simon, nearly took away my crown of gifting guru with his present of a Beckett & Beckett t-shirt to Ollie for his birthday. I can report that the obscure and amusing designs seem to be accepted by teenage boys, which believe me is no mean feat. Useful news for mothers of teenagers everywhere.

But it’s not just teenagers who are fans – these tshirts have become a big hit in the office too. Many of our boyfriends/ husbands/ brothers/ male friends can be spotted sporting one at weekends.

And with their latest Bond offering we might be ordering a few more too!
Quite a good Valentine’s present for a man who is terrified of hearts…