Missing Milestones

Here at notonthehighstreet.com, we’re shining a light on the cause of modern dads. Often overlooked for the role they play in the family dynamic and assumed to ‘have it all’, we’re exploring what it really means to be a dad today.

A huge number of fathers are missing important milestones in their children’s lives due to increasing hours and hefty workloads. We surveyed 1000 UK dads and found a staggering 62% have missed a parents’ evening, this perhaps not such a negative figure in the little eyes of some!

One third of dads also confessed to missing ‘most’ or ‘all’ of their child’s Christmas plays, with a fifth calling it ‘lucky’ to catch one bath time a month. A similar figure admitted to not having a clue what their child’s favourite book was due to missing bed-times when working late.

We know for all the superdads out there it can be difficult to be at home regularly and a constant juggling act where regretfully the quality family time ball is often dropped for less colourful priorities. Try as they might the balancing act of meeting deadlines at work and catching those precious memories at home can prove hugely challenging and an act that no superpower out there can help fix.

The results showed that a startling 53% of dads have missed out on big milestones in their children’s lives such as first steps, words and even school awards ceremonies. By the time dads do eventually get through the door, if they’ve not hit the hay they can be found on the sofa as the office of fun and games is well past opening hours.

It’s clear from this study into the modern UK father that working hours are a real constraint on family life. It’s only when we grow older we realise the lengths these real life superheroes will go to ensure we have a great childhood.

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