Mini-Dadventures: Shadow Puppets

What you’ll need:

1 x desk lamp
1 x large shoe box lid
1 x wooden sticks
1 x tracing paper or baking parchment
1 x sheet of paper or card
1 x tape
1 x scissors

Draw the shape of the puppet you’d like to make on a piece of paper or card. We’ve chosen to make the characters from the fairy-tale The Three Little Pigs. Once you’ve drawn your puppet, use the scissors to cut it out.

Step 1: How to make shadow puppets

Use the tape to attach your puppets to the wooden sticks.

Step 2: How to make shadow puppets

Next, you’ll need to create a shadow puppet theatre to show off your new creations.  Cut the bottom out of your shoe box lid leaving a 5cm frame around the outside. Use the tape to stick the tracing paper (or baking parchment) to the inside. This will create a screen on which the shadows will show up.

Step 3: How to make shadow puppets

Position your lamp behind the screen and turn the light on.

Step 4: How to make shadow puppets

To start the show, make sure your audience is sitting in front of the screen. Move your puppets behind the screen, but in front of the lamp. And there you have it, your very own puppet show!

Step 5: How to make shadow puppets


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