Pet Penguin

How many loo roll holders does one family get through a year? Probably enough to make a whole zoo of penguins, that’s how many. This simple, fun activity is a great way to recycle used toilet roll holders, and get your kids thinking creatively. There’s no need to stop at penguins either, given the time you could make a whole menagerie of animals.

What you’ll need:
1 x toilet roll holder
1 x sheet of black paper cut to size
1 x sheet of white paper for cutting out the eyes and a tummy
1 x sheet of orange paper for cutting out the feet and a beak
1 x glue stick
1 x scissors
1 x marker pen

Cut out a rectangle from the black sheet of paper. Make sure it’s long enough and wide enough to wrap around your toilet roll holder. Using the glue, stick the black rectangle around the loo roll holder. Don’t worry if there is an overlap between your rectangle and the toilet roll holder, you can trim it once the glue has dried.

Step 1: How to make a loo roll penguin

Now it’s time to cut out all the individual shapes that make up the rest of the penguin. You’ll need to cut out the following shapes:

1 x big white circle for the penguin’s tummy
2 x little white circles for the penguin’s eyes
2 x black wings
2 x orange webbed feet
1 x orange triangle for the beak.

Use the image below as guidance:

Step 2: How to make a loo roll penguin

Apply glue to one side of the following cut out shapes:

2 x eyes
1 x beak
1 x circular tummy

Stick these shapes directly onto the body of your penguin using the images below as guidance. When applying the wings fold the top edge of the paper down to make a flap. Stick the flap to the side of the penguin to create moving wings. To attach the feet, glue the top edge of the cut out shapes, and stick them to the inside of the toilet roll holder.

Step 3: How to make a loo roll penguin

For the finishing touch, use a marker pen to draw black dots on your penguin’s eyes. And there you have it, a cardboard penguin, yours for the keeping.

Step 4: How to make a loo roll penguin

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