Milestone Anniversaries

Congratulations! You’ve made it to a milestone anniversary. You’ve delegated the role of chief washer-upper and senior bin taker-outer, you know how to make the perfect cup of tea and learnt never again question the in-law’s taste.

Now it’s time to remind them they married a good’un. Not only did you remember your anniversary, you got them the most thoughtful, personal gift going. Cue one very happy spouse…

First Anniversary: Paper

Second Anniversary: Cotton

Third Anniversary: Leather

Fourth Anniversary: Linen

Fifth Anniversary: Wood

Tenth Anniversary: Tin

Twenty fifth anniversary: Silver

Thirtieth Anniversary: Pearl

Fortieth Anniversary: Ruby 

Fiftieth Anniversary: Gold

Sixtieth Anniversary: Diamond

Jewellery by Carrie Elizabeth

Moonstone & Diamond Pendant
by Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery

Best partner award goes to...


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