Meet the seller: Regalrose

Twin sisters Louisa and Rebecca Warwick launched jewellery brand Regalrose in 2009. Since then they’ve been creating twice-yearly collections of fashion-focused jewellery, made from a range of materials and offered at affordable prices. We spoke to them about their inspiration, celebrity fans and their work/life balance.

What inspired you to create your business?
With our father being an architect and our brother an illustrator, we grew up in a family with a keen eye for art and design and found from a very early age we had a natural urge to create.

As children, any free time would consist of experimenting and making
things with materials we had around us. Into our teens, we grew a
particular interest in fashion and found we could make clothes and
accessories more affordably and more uniquely than we could get on the
high street.

After both studying a BTEC National Diploma at college and then graduating
with degrees in Graphic Design and Illustration, we decided to go our
separate ways. We quickly learnt that working for large corporations was
not going to fulfil our dreams. After collecting some valuable business
skills along the way, we decided it was time to start our own business. We
needed something to be passionate about, something we could focus all our
energy and imagination on!

Describe your product range and what makes it unique
We focus our collections predominantly on style and uniqueness, focusing
on quality alongside affordability.

Our product range consists of jewellery and accessories made from a
mixture of quality metals like sterling silver, gold filled metal and
brass with semi-precious gemstones. This way, we can offer our customers
the best quality and something they’re not going to get on the high street
at a price that’s not going to break the bank!

What is your best selling range / product?
Our wire initial rings are one of our customers favourite’s. There’s
something about wearing your initial on a piece of jewellery everyone
loves, making them a perfect quirky gift idea.

Gold Filled Initial Ring by REGALROSE

Gold Filled Initial Ring by Regalrose

Where did you start your company  and describe
where you work now?
It all began in our Father’s home office. After 6 months, it was time to
fly the nest and the business came with us. We worked from a small bedroom
for a year. We now work in a studio in between both our
homes. Looking back we’re not sure how we managed for so long in a small

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in running your business?
It was initially hard to learn all the other sectors that go with running
a business: the accounts, the marketing and website design etc. We had to
learn a lot of new skills alongside the creative side of the business.

Drink Me Pocket Watch Necklace by REGALROSE

Drink Me Pocket Watch Necklace by Regalrose

Describe where you live / the style of your home
We both live in Hertfordshire in Victorian houses with lots of character.
Our houses are very similar! They are filled with an eclectic range of
creative objects and furnishings that we have collected over time. We also
have a love for illustration, and have a lot of framed prints across the

What are the benefits / disadvantages of being a designer-maker?
There are lots of benefits, we are able to live out our passion for
creating so we are doing what we love everyday. There is nothing more
rewarding to us than designing something we love and seeing customers
loving it too.

A big achievement for us was seeing Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora wearing
our designs recently. We also see our products being featured in a lot
of magazines, which is always very exciting!

Do you have a good work/life balance?
Not so much at the beginning but as the team grows our personal work load
is reducing and giving us time to concentrate on the creative side again.
We don’t see the creative side as work, we love it!

Has had a positive impact on your business? is a great platform for showing off unique designs and it has pulled
us towards the gift market more than we expected. We now enjoy creating
pieces that are great fashionable gift ideas; there is something very
satisfying about designing something you know is being given as a gift.

Personalised Paper Note Mini Book Locket by REGALROSE

Personalised Paper Note Mini Book Locket by Regalrose

What are your ambitions for your company in the future?
We will continue to design and create exciting jewellery and accessories
that can’t be found on the high street. In doing this, we hope for
Regalrose to become a first point of call for fashion-conscious

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