Meet Elvis & Kresse – upcycling royalty

Meet Elvis & Kresse. They love upcycling. So much so, that they’ve built an entire business around reclaiming and regenerating old materials and turning them into something new. The main focus of the Elvis & Kresse collection is reclaimed fire hoses. The pair salvage and restore old hoses from the country’s many fire brigades, and create unique and durable accessories with them.

We caught up with Kresse to find out more about her business, and where her passion for upcycling began. “When I first moved to London in 2004 I went to all of the usual haunts, The National Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Tower, The Tate… but I also went snooping around the recycling centers and waste transfer stations. I have always had a passion for waste. I first met the London Fire Brigade in 2005 and instantly fell in love with their old hoses. There is a brilliant team that works on maintaining and repairing damaged hoses but there are some which are too far gone, and these were going to landfill.

Reclaimed Fire Hose Wash Bag by Elvis & Kresse

Reclaimed Fire Hose Wash Bag by Elvis & Kresse

On that first day I took a reel home and started planning. I wanted to create a business which could save the hose and other wastes, and create products which made the most of the stunning raw material. We now collect hose waste across the country and 50% of the profits from this line go to the Fire Fighters Charity. 7 years later and we are running a large workshop in Dorset, we have rescued over 170 tonnes of waste and collect 12 different types on a regular basis.”

The duo’s penchant for regenerating old materials has now spread into their home life, too. “We also bought a wreck of a flat in 2010 and renovated it using waste and second hand pieces. Our kitchen counters are made from an old marble fire surround and granite off-cuts.”

“Our beds are both made from wood waste and we have a stunning built in wardrobe made from doors salvaged at the local tip.”

“The furniture, the curtains, the light fixtures… we made it all ourselves from some of our favorite wastes. The results at home were good enough to warrant a feature in House & Garden Magazine, and we hope to help others embrace upcycling to renovate their own homes.”

View the full Elvis & Kresse collection here.

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