Mapping Memories

Personalised Map Pendant Necklace Circle by Ellie Ellie

Getting from A to B hasn’t always been as simple as it is today. Smartphones and sat-navs tell us where to go, and we follow. Gone are the days of the huge, crumpled Ordinance Survey map spread over the car dashboard. And good riddance we say. No more family arguments and no more unplanned detours.

There is, however, something to be said for maps and the memories they hold. The things we remember are often defined by place. The spot you got engaged – or even where you got married. The honeymoon, the family holiday, that fated camping trip. Or maybe it’s where you went on your gap year, where you went to university, or even where you grew up.

These are the landmarks that create memories, and here at we’re celebrating those special places with a collection of personalised gifts you can share with your travelling partners.

Shop maps online now, or check out our Maps & Travel Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Bespoke Wooden Map Letters by Bombus
Personalised Map Leather Wallet by ATLAS & I
Bespoke Map Heart Artwork by Bombus
Personalised Location Map Cufflinks by EVY Designs
Our House Personalised Map Jigsaw by TheLittleBoysRoom
Personalised Map Location Wrist Watch by Ellie Ellie


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