map with a difference

This is not just any old map. Countries are represented in their correct proportional size (using something very clever called cylindrical equal area projection!), colours are striking with silver metallic for the seas, and details are given for country boundaries, capital and major cities, rivers, highest peaks, sea depths, north/south pole projections. Plus it comes in a variety of formats, including magnetised – to give a safe, durable, write-on/wipe-off surface to which magnets will cling.

Crikey. For a map-lover, this is quite a special gift. And for an art lover, it makes quite a statement on the wall. It could make map-lovers of us all.

And even better – it has 20% off in our summer sale. To see the rest of the sale, click here.

  • Wonderful print. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website, (even though I’m from Australia!). I actually wrote about a couple of the products you’ve featured on your blog so far.

  • Comment by Jo

    HI Amanda – so pleased you like the blog and that you have written about some of the products, it would be lovely to see what you have written. Some of our partners do international delivery now – look out for them!

  • Comment by Joe

    What a cool product

  • Love it!
    I would not have found this amazing print had you not written about it in this blog.
    Love the use of colour… and it’s clever science behind it. I will be treating myself to this tomorrow.

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