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Like most people, we’re always gushing over anything baby-related, which is why we felt we had to share these pictures of two of the cutest babies ever wearing products from notonthehighstreet.com. One of our sellers Manuka Baby, who sells Merino wool and pure organic cotton clothing, bedding, and sleepwear, sent us in some of their gorgeous range to try out.

Six month old Petra is wearing the Layered Warmth Honeycomb Merino Wool Vest, which is available in three different sizes, from newborn to one year old. The vest is woven in a honeycomb pattern from super-soft 100% pure New Zealand Merino wool. Merino wool is said to help your baby to regulate their temperature – keeping them neither too hot, nor too cool!

Another of our favourites from the Manuka Baby range is the Sleepsac. Unfortunately it is baby-sized (it would really come in handy for power naps at your desk) so we asked another of our little friends, ten month old Christine, to try it out for us.

Perfect for traveling, this little sleeper allows you to quietly transfer your little one from the car-seat to pram to cot, and they’ll be none the wiser. Also made from Merino wool, the Sleepsac will fit your baby from newborn to two years old.

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