make your day a masterpiece

An increasing number of engaged couples are looking to push the creative boundaries and make their wedding day stand out from the crowd. The hunt for a quirky and creative photographer is becoming such an important planning factor, as is coming up with original keepsake ideas and ways to remember your day for years to come.

A new trend is for couples to commission an artist who creates a special ‘masterpiece’ to commemorate your wedding day. Your first thought is probably the cost, but it really isn’t as expensive as you would think. And if you’re thinking the kind of art I’m referring to is along the lines of an eighteenth century style oil painting – think again! The personalised prints available can be an artistic version of your favourite wedding photograph together or of your wedding venue. There are a number of artists and creative companies out there that, together, offer a diverse range of contemporary, chic and quirky design ideas and styles, to make your piece of personalised wedding artwork the piece de resistance.

Cat’s Print Shop, create custom designed digital silhouette prints of wedding couples from photographs. They are designed using a palette of contemporary and vintage inspired colours that you can choose from and you are also given the option to have a personal message on your print. The silhouettes are stunning and are great for depicting the more intimate moments of your day. Hickory Pig, give you the option to have a unique print made of your wedding venue or to capture a special moment from the day. Their illustrations are hand drawn using a mouse pen. They are drawn from scratch, to create a very special, personalised illustration capturing all of the detail and atmosphere.

Letterfest, provide a bespoke sketch of your wedding venue and personalise their prints further to include names, wedding date and venue printed in script. Their Illustration is also done by hand in a cool contemporary style. They also offer gift vouchers (as do a number of sellers) for people to buy as gifts before your wedding day and offer you the option to order a number of additional prints at great value prices, which would make perfect post-wedding gifts for new in-laws.

Rebekah Daley, creates bespoke, hand drawn and hand painted sketches of wedding couples from photographs provided. The elegant and chic, black and white sketch style makes each one a small work of art. Lucy, at Gift’s by Lucy, creates chic black and white personalised venue prints. The cool monochrome prints are detailed replicas of the original photo she is provided with. Both of these artistic wedding keepsakes are classic and timeless.

Finally, for a splash of colour and fun The Poetry Studio create a bright ‘Warhol-inspired’ canvas from a wedding photo, for those who want something a bit different to remember their big day by. Vibrant colours and the repetitive pattern make this personal piece of art bold and fun.

Will you be making a masterpiece of your day? Which artistic style would you choose?

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