Calling all super heroes – it’s time for action. Father’s Day is officially Hang-Out-With-Dad Day, so grab your capes, put on your disguises and dive into a world of make believe. There’s no need to leave headquarters, all you need is your imagination.

Superdad Dom, from Lou Brown Designs (one of the small creative businesses we work with) and his twin daughters super Harper and super Scout spent the day as superheroes – complete with matching capes. The family-run design company based in Dorset, make gifts that extra bit special by personalising them. Their ‘why my daddy is brilliant’ book is perfect for Father’s Day.

The three spent the afternoon having some dad and daughter time.

Every superhero needs a costume – our favourite are these Personalised Father and Daughter Capes from Alice Cook Designs, so together you can rid the world of trouble makers. Have a look in your dressing-up box too, you’ll be surprised by what evil villian costumes you can rustle up from just a frilly tutu and dinosaur mask.

Next it’s time to develop a back story. We love playing the ‘W’ game.

  • WHO are you? Create your own character name.
  • WHERE are you? Are you in a city – flying over skyscrapers? OR in the jungle, hunting down that super-villain in his hideout?
  • WHAT is your mission and what might get in your way? Does the rain start pouring down and you slip and slide trying to reach your destination?

There are no limits to playing make believe – so have fun when creating your very own adventure together.

Think outside of the toy box. Why not become an animal together? Let your inner child loose loose and hop around the garden pretending to be a frog. Kids love seeing their parent’s silly side and it’s sure to get them grinning from ear to ear.

When all the excitement is over and the kids (mainly Dad) need a sit down, why not grab the colouring pens and bring the day back to life by drawing the adventure, while Dad relaxes with a nice mug of Superhero tea. The ‘Why My Daddy Is Brilliant’ gift book is personalised with your children’s names, ages and the reasons why their daddy is a superhero. To make it even more memorable, the book includes several blank frames for them to draw in or stick their favourite photographs.


All dads are heroes in their kids eyes – let them get swept away into the magical world of make believe with these super hero essentials.



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