the adventures of Mabel

Last month we met Mabel, our merchandise and picture editor Carrie’s new puppy. We were instantly besotted and our obsession is only growing as the weeks go by and we hear more about what she’s been up to. She turned 13 weeks old this weekend and she already has a reputation for being a little mischievous! Carrie says, “working at home is now something Mabel has to be involved with. She often has her paws on the computer keys obviously trying to help me work. She even managed to send her own email to Holly by walking over the computer keys!”.

Mabel also made the mistake of kicking one of her toys under the sofa and getting herself stuck there whilst trying to retrieve it. Carrie came home to see her little nose poking out from underneath the sofa and had to lift it to set her free.

Our favourite story was when Carrie and Mabel went to visit Carrie’s nephew, Harry. Mabel discovered Harry’s skateboard and decided she would try her hand (well, paw) at it and skated across the kitchen floor. Sadly we don’t have a photo of her in action on the skateboard, but we will settle for these impossibly cute images of her. We can’t wait to hear what she gets up to next!