Lyndsey & David’s DIY-inspired wedding day

What better way to celebrate Wedding Wednesday and the very rare 29 February (see yesterday’s blog post), than with a beautiful real wedding story! As you may have realised by now, we love DIY wedding styling and a flourish of vintage charm here at and so I was VERY excited that Lyndsey and David wanted to share their wedding story with us.

Lyndsey married David in St Mary’s Church Woodkirk, West Yorkshire on 2 September 2011 and held an evening reception at Gomersal Lodge Hotel. We were amazed and inspired by the creative talent, vision and painstaking hours of making and creating that was put into planning their perfect day. The end result, as you will see, is a uniquely styled wedding, full of very special and personal touches. Over to the Lyndsey to tell you how they made their day…

Was there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

We didn’t have a theme as such. When we began planning we realised how expensive things were and so I looked into what I could do myself. After doing a bit of research, I’ll admit, I got a little obsessed! At this point I really thought I would do and make everything myself apart from the suits!

My DIY wedding inspiration started with my button box that I had filled with an abundance of buttons over the years. I decided to put them to good use and used them to hand-make all the bouquets for myself and seven bridesmaids. Perhaps being a hayfever sufferer was part of the influence, but I loved the idea of my bouquets being something out of the ordinary.

Handmade button and lace bouquet

Inspired, I went on to make the button holes, centre pieces, hair clips and my bridal fascinator. I also made all of the bridesmaids dresses, so you can begin to imagine the size of the DIY wedding task I was faced with!

Another influence on the styling of my wedding day was the 1950’s. When I was growing up my Dad was in a Rockabilly band and my mum used to run events where everyone dressed in 40s or 50s clothing, so I have always been inspired and exposed to the trends of the 50s.

Because of the exposure I had to the era as a child, I have always dressed with a 50s influence in mind so it just seemed perfect to have this as a sort of theme for my wedding. The Natterjacks , my dad’s old band mates actually played in the evening – with all the memories from my childhood it was very lovely to have them perform on the day!

David did have some initial input which was a blue, yellow and white colour scheme, in homage to the other great love of his life, Leeds United. It sounded a bit tacky, but it was what he wanted so I thought at least I have something to start from (he kept teasing me by showing me horrible pictures of Leeds themed suits – thankfully he was only joking!)

Tell us about your planning and the process of making your DIY styling elements?

I used wedding blogs, magazines, my own creative experience and, of course, for wedding planning inspiration. For the table decorations I used wooden wool reels sourced from an old mill. They were the perfect size and not too fancy, great for putting my button stems into (instead of flowers) – the more simple the better was my motto.

Lyndsey's DIY decorations

We didn’t end up buying very much at all. For our favours, we had a personalised stamp custom made and bought some paper sweet bags for the blue and yellow bon bon sweets, that we sourced from a shop in Bolton.

Handmade personalised bon bon favours

We were even going to make our own wedding cake but my mother-in-law offered and we decided cupcakes were more of a fit with our theme. I contributed by hand-painting our cake toppers!  My mum took on the job of finding second-hand cake stands, mostly from car boot sales, and she also made all the bunting that ran along the back of the top table.

I saw a lot of ‘Mr and Mrs’ plaques during my research and went out to our shed to look for wood to paint. However, it was David’s dad who offered to take the task on, as he fancies himself as something of a calligrapher. I wanted it to have our full name on it so it was unique to our wedding day.

The button holes weren’t stressful to make but worried me the most because I wanted them to be in keeping with the theme, whilst not looking too flouncy; I wanted all the men to like them and not feel awkward about wearing them! My mum’s wasn’t as hard because I made it the most decorative, which in turn made it appear more feminine, whilst still in keeping with the look of the groomsmen.

The bridesmaid dresses were the biggest issue and worry. I had seven bridesmaids, which would be difficult under normal circumstances but four were children between the age of six and thirteen and not all of my bridesmaids lived locally to me! I tried to get the patterns started about seven months before so I could allow myself a month for each and also didn’t want to fit the little ones too many months before the wedding in case they grew. I’m not really one to get too stressed but the bridesmaid’s dresses definitely worried me at times, more than anything else! Being experienced at sewing, as I am, is definitely important if you are planning to do this level of DIY styling for your day!

Was using DIY styling elements budget-friendly?

Extremely! It helped that I had done so much hoarding over the years so I didn’t really have to buy very much. I would definitely recommend it if you don’t get stressed easily and you have belief in yourself.

Did your wedding turn out as you dreamt it would?

It was even better. When you make so much of it yourself, you want a good reaction and you don’t want people to think that you’ve done it because you’re stingy. It’s completely unique to you and you a get a feeling of accomplishment, especially when other people comment on it unprompted.

The DIY styling I used made our day and wedding style special and personalised – I think it’s the pleasure of doing something and knowing that no one else has the same. We had so many late nights, blisters on our fingers and so many buttons everywhere but it was more than worth it for all our friends and family to enjoy!

What is your one wedding tip?

Marry the right person and it will all come together without any worries. Enjoy yourself, but make sure you have just five minutes with your partner to take it all in.

The end...

Thank you so much to Lyndsey and David for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us. One of my favourite things about DIY wedding styling is the way it allows you to stamp your wedding day with something utterly personal. I love the way Lyndsey and David included members of their families in their DIY approach to wedding planning, making the day all the more special for it.

We hope it inspires you to bring a touch of DIY charm to your wedding day too!

Photography by Greg Stainton

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