Let’s dance…

This week we’re celebrating all things musical, and the sentimental value in our favourite songs. For many people, the first dance as man and wife is one of the most important moments of your wedding day and so naturally choosing an appropriate song can be a daunting task.

It’s often a difficult decision; you have the creative license to chose whatever song represents you as a couple, and that can mean anything from the truly romantic to the completely ridiculous. We’ve asked around the office to find out what songs members of the team had for their first dance:

“We were going to have One Day Like This by Elbow, but we opted for You’re The One That I Want (from Grease) sung by the Beautiful South. Quite often, after a few glasses of wine, Pete and I would end up putting on our favourite songs and slow dancing in the kitchen (or jumping around like lunatics – depending on the song) and You’re The One That I Want was always a favourite as it’s such a cool version of an otherwise fairly ridiculous song.” Cora, Merchandising Catalogue Executive

“My first dance was to We Have All The Time In The World by Louis Armstrong. My husband loves it so much that whenever I play it he can’t help but dance with me (he never dances) and fill up with tears, even after 15 1/2 years of marriage. It’s got amazing words and he’s a big Bond fan. Mind you, the wife died in her wedding dress in that song in the Bond movie…” Lorraine, Human Resources Director 

“I planned my wedding very quickly and my dad volunteered to act as DJ. My husband and I met in a nightclub and so Dad thought it would be appropriate to play Strangers In The Night by Frank Sinatra as our first dance. Memorable – yes, but perhaps not that romantic” Anonymous

If you’re looking for a way to capture the memory of your first dance, we’ve chosen our three favourite ideas of ways to immortalise your chosen song. The first is a personalised, hand-cut papercut, which is made bespoke with your chosen words, names and dates. It can be framed and then hung in your home, or rested against the wall on a bookshelf or chest of drawers.

Personalised Words First Dance Wedding Papercut by Kyleigh's Papercuts

Personalised Words Papercut by Kyleigh's Papercuts

We love these necklaces from Joulberry: choose any words, dates, places, names, or song lyrics to be engraved onto this sterling silver scroll. The words won’t be legible to anyone else, so only you and your other half will know the meaning behind it. This is a great gift idea, not only to commemorate your first dance song but to keep any sentimental messages close to your heart.

Personalised Open Love Scroll Necklace by Joulberry

Personalised Love Scroll Necklace by Joulberry

This print is available in a range of colour themes and simply captures the details of ‘your song’; hang it in your home as a constant reminder of your first dance as man and wife.

Personalised 'Our Song' Print by The Drifting Bear Co.

Personalised 'Our Song' Print by The Drifting Bear Co.

As always, we’d love your input. What song did you/will you have for your first dance? Is it something sentimental or fun? Leave a comment below or tweet us @notonthehighst. We thought we’d leave you with one of our all-time favourite first wedding dances, just for a bit of inspiration…

  • Comment by Sarah

    Love this! We chose ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Elvis Presley for our first dance, because it’s such a lovely, slushy classic and we thought we’d manage to shuffle around the dance floor to it! We’ve since learned to waltz and wish we could do it all over again! But the song we really think of as ‘our song’ and that we also danced to at our wedding is ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. The melody is so beautiful and the lyrics just say it all for a loved-up couple ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Ahhhhhh!

  • I’m a wedding photographer and love the personalised ‘our song’ prints!
    I’m going to order some for my brides & grooms with first anniversaries coming up. The first anniversary is paper so this is very appropriate and the print is such a cool idea.

  • Comment by Claire

    We had Suddenly by Angry Andersen (the Kylie and Jason Neighbours wedding song). For years we had joked that would be our first dance, and it was played and drunkenly wailed to at every party – we couldn’t disappoint on the day! Everyone who knew what the song meant to us just screamed when it started, and the atmosphere was wonderful!

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