Leap of faith

This is a leap year, which means that back in February the ladies amongst us had the opportunity to pop the question to their other halves, and one of our sellers was involved in a very special proposal. A customer had contacted between you & i, to ask if they were able to produce one of their Morse code bracelets to spell out ‘marry me’. Here’s the full story from Gillian, the brave proposer…

“I had arranged for my Dad to babysit my daughter Olivia, and I had left a long poem in Morse Code telling Beat (my Swiss partner) where to meet me. I rushed to change into a floaty dress, grabbed our all-important Morse code bracelet and dashed to a local restaurant. I flicked through a newspaper whilst he took an age to decipher the message.

Beat arrived looking very dashing, as instructed by Olivia. He told me in hysterics about how he had struggled with the code – she had done most of it for him, before making him change into smart clothes and rushing him out of the door saying “Hurry Daddy, you’ll be late! Grandad will look after me!”. We enjoyed a G&T and a beer in front of the fire before dinner. He thought the Morse code poem was a great little adventure, but had no idea there was more to come.

After we’d eaten a delicious meal I told Beat that the decoding wasn’t over and produced your beautiful bracelet, along with the little card with instructions on how to decipher the message. He took out his pen and started writing out the letters on the card… the wrong way round!! I got him back on track, as he started with the ‘y’ of ‘marry’. He smiled, and once he had finally finished deciphering and said “YES!”.

He was utterly gob smacked! Especially when he learnt that Olivia knew all about it and had kept the secret. He loved the whole idea and loved the bracelet – it looks so funky on him and he wears it with pride. We have had such fun planning this – we are a very playful family and this was just perfect. We are all excited about the big day now. I will be ordering my own Morse code bracelet soon as I love it so much, and Olivia wants one too. We will have them forever and smile when we look at them.”

What a lovely story, and such a brilliant idea! Congratulations to the happy couple.

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    This is such a lovely romantic story…reminds me I need to add a little more romance to each day!

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