laced up

Leaving the house this morning, walking behind someone with leggings ending in lace at the ankles, I started to think about lace and how this material can be so versatile. It can be so beautiful and delicate, but can also turn a simple pair of leggings into something that, well, loses its simple edge…

Consider the variety of colours that lace is found in, and how different the reactions you feel when looking at them. Red lace, a touch tarty. Beige lace, granny. Beige lace and deep green silk, saucy. Vibrant purple lace, quirky and brave. Pale pink lace, tendency to look cheap. White lace, mostly cheaper. Black lace on cream fabric, classy indeed. Ivory lace, stunning!

Bear in mind that I am referring to synthetic manufactured lace. Handmade lace is a different kettle of fish entirely, an art form really, and therefore rather pricey too. And a stunning piece of vintage lace can set you back a wad of cash. But I imagine that you are looking for unique lace inspiration that you can afford to bring into your wedding, so here is our pick of the most luscious lace details you can find on

elegant accessories

Consider lace for your bridal clutch. If your dress is simple, this would work perfectly. We love the Astrid clutch which comes in white, or if you’re going monochrome, black too.

Shoes in lace can add a vintage and unique touch to your bridal attire. If you’re thinking of black and white, these lace satin peep toe shoes from Rachel Simpson look fabulous in black.

delicate decor

Stunning lace votives can look dramatic and add a vintage touch to your wedding styling. We found these beautiful handmade Lace Jar Wraps by The Cotton Potter. They fit over a jam jar so are super easy to use as a pathway to your venue or on the tables.

Parasols… you might love them or hate them for your wedding day, but what they do offer is a brilliant solution for sudden rainstorms. It might be a good idea to keep one at hand just in case, and if the rain holds off, it will undoubtedly become a tent for the children. And if you need to use it, it will become a delightful photo prop. A beautiful one is the Francesca white lace parasol by Francesca & Florence. Plus, they have a children’s version which would be so sweet for the bridesmaids.

If you’re planning a photo table, black and white photographs of you, the groom and your families would look wonderful in these lace photo frames by Red Lilly.

And for little touches around the venue, these lace bells by Victoria Hutchinson Ceramics are just so sweet. Hang them on branches, chairs and door handles.

luxury lingerie

Now, I’m not going to even try to influence the lingerie of your wedding. You’ll know what you want. But obviously it should involve some lace! Some pretty options for your bridal loungewear include these Aurelie pink silk knickers which have a lace edging, and the camisole that completes the set is very pretty too. If you’re looking for lace in some less traditional colours, Bunny Smalls has a great range. Fluorescent yellow lace on your wedding day? I think the groom would be delighted.

the maids and your mother

If you love lace, but want to leave it out of your bridal attire, these lace Alexia dresses by Rise Boutique are perfect for your bridesmaids. They are a great price point now, reduced to £28, and would suit most sizes and shapes. If your maids have lovely legs and are comfortable showing them off, this stunning lace dress by Pebble Boutique would work beautifully.

For the mother of the bride, this chic lois lace top by Silk and Sawdust could work very well. It’s a very stylish statement, and I believe the mother of the bride should shine on her daughter’s wedding day. It also has enough arm coverage, and an elegant neckline. Another lovely option is the lace Catalla blouse by Valour & Valkyrie.

thank you and goodnight…

And to keep a touch of lace throughout your wedding day and beyond, these black lace thank you cards from Pearl Lowe are a dramatic finishing touch.

Your wedding, laced up.

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